White Boy Rick

Auto-biographical films don’t really have a great track record in recent times. There are a few exceptions to that fact, of course, but most of the time, they are often heavily fictionalized portrayals of real people with a gratifying sense of epicness to their stories. There’s not enough of the truth out there, and White Boy Rick does try its hardest to ensure it’s true to its story, but ultimately is just another cog in the well-oiled corporate machine.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like want to see more films with Matthew McConaughey (who in White Boy Rick plays Richard Wershe Sr.), check out also The Wolf of Wall Street, Interstellar, The Dark Tower, and The Gentlemen

The Movie Review

White Boy Rick is a crime drama film directed by Yann Demange, based on the true story of Richard Wershe Jr., a teenage informant in the 1980s Detroit drug world. The film follows Rick’s journey as he gets caught up in the world of drug trafficking and his eventual downfall.

The story provides a glimpse into the gritty underworld of Detroit during the 80s, and the impact it had on Rick and his family. The film covers Rick’s journey from being a teenage informant to becoming a drug kingpin and his eventual downfall.

Honestly, I think the plot is somewhat uneven and jumps around in time, making it difficult to fully engage with the characters and their motivations. The film also lacks a clear narrative arc, which made it hard for me to fully grasp the implications of Rick’s actions and the consequences of his choices.

The writing is passable, but not particularly good in any way. The dialogue is functional, but not particularly memorable in any way. The film also suffers from a lack of tension and suspense, despite the high-stakes nature of the story. The script fails to fully explore the themes of the film, such as the impact of poverty and systemic injustice on the characters and their choices.

Matthew McConaughey gives a solid performance as Rick’s father, Richard Wershe Sr., bringing a sense of complexity and humanity to the character.

He portrays a father who is struggling to provide for his family and is willing to do whatever it takes to make ends meet, even if it means getting involved in illegal activities.

Newcomer Richie Merritt as Rick himself delivers a nuanced and believable portrayal of a teenager caught in a dangerous and overwhelming situation. He brings a sense of vulnerability and innocence to the character, making the audience root for him despite his actions.

The supporting cast also delivers solid performances, however, the characters are not well-developed, making it hard to fully invest in their stories.

The Visuals

The film immerses the viewer in the gritty and rundown landscape of Detroit during the 1980s. The city serves as a character in itself, its dilapidated buildings and rundown streets a reflection of the struggles and turmoil of the characters within. The neon lights and rundown neighborhoods add to the atmosphere, painting a picture of a city on the brink.

The film’s color palette and lighting add to the mood, the muted and desaturated tones giving a sense of nostalgia and longing for a past that was far from idyllic.

While the film effectively captures the essence of the era and the city, it falls short in fully capturing the gritty and dangerous nature of the drug world it depicts. Not to mention, it fails to truly express how the characters are feeling through the camera work, which is a huge detriment for the film.

The Music

The score does not stand out as particularly unique or distinctive, and it is unlikely to stick in the viewer’s mind long after the film is over. The score also fails to add any emotional depth or complexity to the film, which can make the film’s emotional moments feel less impactful.

Additionally, the film’s score is not particularly impactful, and it could have used more dynamic and memorable tracks to add more emotional impact to the story.


White Boy Rick is a decent crime drama that tells an interesting true story, but it suffers from uneven pacing and a lack of tension. Its performances are strong, particularly from newcomer Richie Merritt.

However, the film fails to fully explore the themes of the film, such as the impact of poverty and systemic injustice on the characters and their choices.

Overall, it is an average autobiographical film that may be worth a watch for those interested in the true story, but it fails to fully capture the complexity of the world it depicts.

White Boy Rick
White Boy Rick is a crime film from 2018 the plot of which starts in 1984. Download it now and see what happened.
5.5 Total Score
White Boy Rick Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Matthew McConaughey and Richie Merritt give solid performances
  • An interesting true story that has a lot of potential
  • The cinematography ensures the film looks quite pretty for the most part
  • The plot is somewhat uneven, with the writing simply passable. It has a lack of exploration of themes
  • Constant lack of tension and suspense and the characters aren’t developed enough
  • Fails to fully capture the gritty and dangerous nature of the drug world
  • The score is not particularly memorable
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