CNCO – Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)

Raggaeton Lento (Bailemos) was written by Eric Perez, Yashua Camacho, Jadan Andino, and Gorge Class.  It was released in 2016 as part of the Primera Cita album produced by Gorge Class, Luis Angel O’Neill, and Eric Perez. The video has been played more than 1.5 billion times, and here is all you need about the song.

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The Song Review

Raggaeton Lento (Bailemos) – the Video

The band is staged surrounded by high beaming lights. It appears to be an auto-repair shop with a race car harnessed behind them. The band is dressed in casual clothes in a pentagon formation. They wear jeans, hoodies, and inverted caps while singing and simultaneously dancing hip-hop.

As the video continues, we are introduced to a bowling alley setting. Everyone is drinking and having a good time. The band fights over their bowling turn when an attractive woman walks by. One of the band members reaches for the same bowling ball as her. Their eyes meet, and the video slows down.

The band lets the woman bowl, who makes a strike. CNCO watches the woman in awe and celebrates by clapping. After she leaves, one by one, the CNCO members bowl. Yet, they are unable to score, so they try the arcade.

The setting has now changed to the arcade, where the band continues to dance and perform the song. However, at the arcade, the band is surrounded by play actors who casually play arcade games in the background, dancing while raising their drinking cups. The band admires the woman, dance, and play arcade games until the video comes to a close.

The Bottom Line

The song is a light-hearted music composition that will make you forget about your life troubles for the duration of the video. It will put you in a better mood if you feel depressed or down lately. Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos) will inspire you to meet up with friends or invite everyone over for a good time.

About CNCO

La Banda premiered on television as a music competition in 2015. It would battle contestants against each other individually and as a group. The competition lasted over 13 weeks. In the end, the five remaining contestants were combined to form CNCO. The band was managed by the show’s producer, Ricky Martin. CNCO is comprised of:

  1. Christopher Velez from Ecuador
  2. Richard Camacho from the Dominican Republic
  3. Joel Pimental from Mexico
  4. Erick Brian Colon from Cuba
  5. Zabdiel de Jesus from Puerto Rico

The five individuals made it to the final by singing Ed Sheeran, Selena, and Christina Perri songs. Their favorite well-received performances were Kilometers, Sorry, Tranquila, and Kilometers by Sin Bandera. After the competition came to a close, CNCO signed a deal with Sonic Music Latin.

Their first album was Primera Cita, with the help of producer Wisin in 2016. They also recorded Tan Facil and Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos) the same year. The latter mentioned song became a global hit, motivating Ricky Martin to take them on his One World Tour.

Next year, CNCO released “Hey DJ,” a platinum hit due to its melody. However, their next rendition of the Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos) with Little Mix topped all charts in the UK and the Nederlands. CNCO’s manager in 2017, Armando Lozano, arranged the band’s first international tour which further broadened their fan base. In addition, they also released a remix version of “Hey DJ” in 2018, which featured Meghan Trainor and Sean Paul.

Their fame continued to escalate in 2019 when they collaborated with Manuel Turizo, PRETTYMUCH, and other artists. At the same time, they also released their own songs, such as De Cero and Pretend. Honey Boo and My Boo saw the charts in 2020.

This year, their collaborations with Enrique Iglesias and Cheyanne are expected on all music platforms.

CNCO - Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)
Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos) is a song by the Latin American boy band CNCO. Download it now and enjoy the voices of Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez and Zabdiel De Jesús.
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