Natti Natasha x El Alfa x Chimbala – Wow BB

Wow BB is a collaboration between Chimbala, Natti Natasha, and El Alfa. It was released in the album with the same name. The song celebrates the Latin Urbano genre. Upon release, it was trending at number five in Venezuela. The song was most listened to on Spotify in the DominicanRepublic and Apple Music in Spain.

How to Download Natti Natasha x El Alfa x Chimbala – Wow BB

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also other hits by Natti Natasha, such as Criminal, Obsesión, and Sin Pijama.

The Song Review

Wow BB Lyrical Interpretation

The three artists are strategically positioned in a pink room. Natalia is wearing an emerald jumpsuit with chunky jewelry. On the other hand, the male artists look at the camera lens wearing white tracksuits. They sing their lyrics as the beat builds up, looking at the camera and dancing.

The backup dancers in the same room are dressed in a white body-hugging two-piece. These women dance provocatively with their hands in the air, twirling their bodies. El Alfa, Chimbala, and Natti look at each other and continue to sing as if they are having a conversation.

The secondary setting of a jeweled curtain canopy presents a pause from the vibrant pink set. One by one, each artist stands underneath the bedazzled roof. Halfway into the song, the background changes altogether. Natti dances with background dancers in a golden harem-like backdrop. While Chimbala raps in front of a teal-draped stage.

Will the Song Wow You?

If you are a fan of bright colors and Spanish lyrics, you will instantly fall in love with the song. Even though the lyrics are in a foreign language, the message is clear. Have fun and think about tomorrow when the time comes!

About the Artists

Who Is Natti Natasha

Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez was welcomed in Santiago de los Caballeros, a quaint city in the Dominican Public. Her interest in singing began in the church choir and was later enrolled in the School of Fine Arts of Santiago. Natalia started recording songs at the age of 14. She would sing at school events and small family gatherings. Her zest for music led to them forming a band with her friends called D’Style.

Natalia met Linkon, a record producer, while she was singing at one of the events. He was very impressed with her vocal prowess and she immediately started recording for the producer. Don Omar listened to one of her recordings and was also very impressed. He asked Linkon to schedule a meeting to collab with Linkon. And that was just the beginning. The collabs would continue to surface for Natalia as she was an emerging talent.

Who Is El Alfa?

El Alfa was born in the latter half of the 90s decade. He grew up in a small neighborhood in Haina, Santo Domingo. El Alfa left home at 17 to pursue music. During his high school years, he was already performing at clubs, parties, and on the streets. El Alfa was thoughtful when launching his music career. He focused on his music and vocal reach before launching his first song Muevete Jevi.

When El Alfa was working on his initial music releases, he was getting noticed by the Caribbean and Latin producers. The artist released Coche Bomba in 2017 on YouTube, which brought him instant recognition. He continued the pattern by releasing the album in 2018 and later collaborated with Cardi B.

Who Is Chimbala?

Chimbala was born in the Dominican Republic in 1991. Although his birth name is Leury Jose Tejeda Brito, he is better known for his stage name. The artist is well-known for collaborating with Mozart La Para, Jose Reyes, Black Point, and Don Miguelo. However, the composition that launched him to fame is Maniqui, a Farruko remix.

To understand his interest in music, let’s travel to Chimbala’s childhood. During his early years, he would sing around for his friends. He even launched an album for the neighborhood, but it did not turn into a success. However, he released another album Chimbala de Este Lado with appropriate investment, which recognized his talent as a musician and a rapper.

Natti Natasha x El Alfa x Chimbala - Wow BB
Wow BB is a 2022 song by Natti Natasha (1986), Emanuel Herrera Batista (1990), and Leury José Tejeda Brito (1989). Download it now.
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