Epic Movies

The Green Knight


I have to admit until my sister got me The Green Knight for Christmas, I had no idea this movie even existed! This is brought to us by David Lowery and it is a medieval fantasy epic that completely ...



For some reason, I wasn't expecting much from this movie but after watching Apocalypto, I was proven wrong. Gibson returned with a thrilling epic, transporting us back in time to the 16th-century in ...

The Last of the Mohicans


If you're anything like me, you've watched every single film that Daniel Day-Lewis has been a part of. There is just something about him. He brings such a high caliber of performance in every project ...

300: Rise of an Empire


Say whatever you may about Zack Snyder's 300, but you can't deny that the film definitely stood out when it came to visuals and sequences. Even if negatively, the film knew how to be prominent. On ...

Dune (2021)


I have to start by saying that I enjoyed the 1984 David Lynch Dune movie and I have even dabbled in a few of the games over the years. When I heard that Denis Villeneuve was going to be the director ...

The Passion of the Christ


Mel Gibson and biblical films have one thing in common, they're both a major hit or miss situation. Gibson has struggled to make films of the same standard as his 70s and 80s films like Mad Max in ...



Long before Zack Snyder was ever known for the terrible Batman V Superman, or the respected Justice League Snyder cut, he was actually known for 300. 300 was a film that went on to define Zack ...

The Green Mile


There are many films out there that tremendously change the way you see a character from the start of the film to the end of it. These films choose to challenge our interpretation of these characters ...



There aren't many historical epics that touched the story of the Roman emperors and the way they ruled over their citizens the way Gladiator does. This one reflects the heinous ways these emperors ...

The Patriot


Mel Gibson, is a highly controversial figure in Hollywood. Though, there is still one thing about him that will never be taken back. He is an exceptional filmmaker; some of his films have gone on to ...