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Glary Utilities is a free program designed to clean your computer. It has been developed by Glarysoft Ltd, the company which is also responsible for other system utilities such as Malware Hunter, Quick Startup, Absolute Uninstaller or Glary Duplicate Cleaner. Glary Utilities improves system performance, and thanks to a large number of available features you can take care of your system in a comprehensive way. The program is available in two versions – free and paid.

How to Download Glary Utilities

To download Glary Utilities Free, click on the Download button at the end of this review. Downloading the program and using it is free of charge.

The Program Review

Glary Utilities is a popular, versatile and free computer cleaning program. Many of its features are completely automated. Because of its clear, simple and intuitive interface, you can easily accelerate your system with a single click of a mouse. All the tools at your disposal are divided into categories and easily accessible. The program is able to repair frustrating errors, prevent system failures, freezes and increases the general system speed.

With time each Windows system generates unnecessary junk files that must be removed regularly. The software allows you to easily take care of your computer or phone. It does this by cleaning unnecessary files and thus increasing the comfort with which you’ll be using the device.

The website of the program is very well made. You will information about the program, and a description of its features. There are also links to the installation of the free and the Pro versions, info about the company, support section, and a shop. If you want to use Glary Utilities Pro, you will have to obtain a special key from the manufacturer’s website.

The site is also translated into several dozen languages, which facilitates the use of information posted there, although it must be emphasized that it is an automatic translation, and therefore quite imprecise.

GlarySoft Ltd. is also the creator of Registry Repair, Glary Disk Cleaner programs (programs designed to improve disk speed and performance), Glary Tracks Eraser and Security Process Explorer. Note however that many if not all of the functions of this program are available in the one versatile tool. Yes, you guessed it – in Glary Utilities. Glarysoft Ltd. has extensive experience in the production of system management programs, which makes it worth trusting its products. Glarysoft receives a lot of positive reviews from users, as well as industry awards, their programs downloads are counted in millions.

In its category, Glarysoft has many competitors. There are also many other applications and programs on the market with similar features, such as Wise Care 365 or CCleaner. It’s worth getting to know them too,

The basic free version of the program is a great software proposition for those who want to improve their system performance. If you want to have additional features, you can buy the Pro version. You can download Glary Utilities directly from the manufacturer’s website or from In addition, you can install the Android version from Google Play Store. The program is designed for Windows-based (in the free and paid version) and for Android (in the free version). You can also test the paid version for 30 days without incurring any costs.

Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities is a great and most importantly free program to clean up your PC and speed up its operation. Download it to increase your computer's performance.
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