ACE Academy

At its core, Ace Academy is a warm and effervescent journey of discovery. Complete with a myriad of emotional pathways to explore, fans of JRPG’s will feel right at home with this action-adventure game. Graced with gorgeous anime visuals and an entertaining visual novel-type plot, this is a one of a kind dating-sim that can’t go on ignored.

How to Download Ace Academy

You can download the game from Steam. There is also a downloadable sequel called Kaori After Story so you can enjoy those two visual novels one after another. To start downloading, click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review: A Larger Than Life Adventure

There are many things to like about Ace Academy, and the game spans multiple genres. Within this vibrant mix of themes are RPG elements and a deep story with alternating outcomes to both character and plot. Finally, throw into the mix some awesome anime artwork and a quirky OST, and you’re onto a winner.

This pay-to play-game falls under the bracket of an indie title. So then, for what it’s worth, this is a genuine diamond in the rough. Despite the somewhat weak ending, Ace Academy delivers a world that is believable and immersive in equal portions.

Unlike other games of this type, which often have character arcs that stagnate if the player opts for an alternate pathway or love interest, Ace Academy goes against the grain. Here, the relationships that fizzle out be them loving or spiritual continue as they do in real life. As a result, life goes on around you.

Old flames find new love interests while former pals establish other friendship groups over time. Therefore, the world is continually evolving, and this provides an element of realism.

Secondly, one of the key features is the game’s comedic nature. Surprisingly, a decent sense of humor runs parallel to the plot. Often, I found my self-giggling away at a cheeky wise-crack or a pun, just as often as I smiled during a heart-warming moment or a kind gesture.

Mainly, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet the earnest moments are equally endearing. There is a playful innocence about it all. Without meaning to go all gooey, Ace Academy possesses a real feel-good factor.

All in all, each relationship feels authentic, and it takes time to garner a sense of trust. Eventually, characters will open to you and display a vulnerable side to their nature. At this point, the story comes into its own.

Concerning the plot, there is plenty of meat on the bone. Ultimately, the Ace Academy is a game of choice and player freedom. In truth, the player has the option to carve out a unique slice of destiny.

They may do this, via a host of speakable decisions and juxtaposed, judgment calls. Each one of these impacts the story to some degree. All the while, Ace Academy boasts of a gamut of varying endings, wholly dependent upon player actions.

ACE Academy
ACE Academy is a science fiction anime visual novel. Download it now also for a hefty dose of romancing and for some good humor too.
10 Total Score
ACE Academy Review Summary

In short, without meaning to sound too soppy, Ace Academy is a fun, feel-good quest which warms the soul and sets the heart ablaze. Furthermore, an impactful, decision-making system coupled with fun-loving characters create an immersive world doused in realism. Finally, this is a game that's too hot to miss. At least as an interactive art-form.

  • A diverse range of endings
  • Immersive world
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Unique, anime-styled visual novel
  • Underwhelming conclusion
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