Breathedge is a downloadable space survival game developed and published by RedRuins Softworks. The game is set in the year 2073 and is featured completely in a vacuum space environment. Released on 13th September 2018, Breathedge enables the players to play as a simple spaceman who unintentionally lands himself into what is apparently a major universal conspiracy.

How to Download Breathedge

To download Breathedge simply click on the Download link provided at the bottom of this review. The game can be downloaded either from Steam or from And if you like science-fiction survival games you should also check out and download Oxygen Not Included.

The Game Review

The main aim of the game is to basically survive and escape successfully in order to bury the main character’s grandfather’s ashes in space. The early access version is available to play through downloading it from Steam.

Breathedge is only available in early access mode so the features released up to this point are quite limited. Early access players can only exploit the first of the many upcoming chapters.

Breathedge: the Story

The game follows a storyline where a meek and simple space man ends up being captured by a couple of unknown robots with screen monitors that display human faces.

The main so-called protagonist is questioned and forced into telling the robots as to how he ended up there. The story reveals how our hero was simply off to bury his grandfather in a space funeral but unfortunately ended up in deep space after his spacecraft became wrecked due to an unknown reason.

The Gameplay

The gameplay in Breathedge is very interactive and interesting. As part of the experience, the game features a very detailed environment, giving players the option to interact with almost every object in the surroundings, regardless of whether they are useful or not.

Players can examine the walls, the pictures on the ground, different buttons or switches around the room, and of course, the legendary unique chicken that surprisingly manages to survive despite the crash. Developers have made a wonderful job in making the game hilarious through its comedy based storyline.

From the beginning of the game, entertaining messages show up on the screen. In a mocking, sarcastic tone they are describing the events which led up to the main protagonist getting captured. As part of the entertainment, a lot of items display colorful definitions whenever a player chooses to examine them.

The most intriguing factor is the chicken which the player can use to fix different problems from sticking it inside an air pipe, to kicking it ruthlessly just for fun, the chicken is the answer to all the player’s in-game worries.

Breathedge is a space survival adventure game. Download it and explore a vast open world to discover an amazing story.
9.5 Total Score
Breathedge Review Summary

Overall, Breathedge is one of those rare games which is suitable for both novice and experienced players. The early access, consisting of only a single chapter so far, has proven out to be extremely entertaining which has increased the hype and anticipation for further updates which are set to take place at the end of this year. This means more entertainment, adventures, tools, enemies, and naturally, more ways to use the chicken.

  • The game and storyline are set in a humorous tone which makes it entertaining to play for everyone.
  • Exceptional graphics and detailing of surrounding areas, allowing players to exploit the environment.
  • The handling of the chicken within the game is disturbing and becoming a cause of concern for younger players.
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