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R-Aimbot is a free downloadable cheat software for Counter-Strike 1.6. It’s designed to move our gunpoint so we are aiming directly at the opponent’s head. Aimbot type software is not acceptable in the normal CS 1.6 games, so you could be punished for the use of this program in the official game. You could be banned from the servers. Use it at your own risk, if at all. It’s also worth to note that there are aimbots for Blizzard’s Overwatch, Valve’s TF2 for Roblox, for PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battleground, the hit battle royale game) or for the early access game Paladins.

How to Download R-Aimbot in a RAR file

The download of the program is free. To unpack the cheat, you need to decompress the RAR archive it is in. It is important to be aware that the downloaded RAR archive is protected with a password – either www.tobys.dk or tcheats. The reason for this is that some anti-virus programs block the download. Why is it so?. Because you cannot use this cheat in official CS 1.6 matches.  Remember, R-Aimbot gives you a huge, unfair advantage. Anyway, the Installation and the way you use the program are trivial:

  1. Run r-aimbot.exe
  2. Run Counter-Strike 1.6
  3. Join the server

What Does the Software Do?

The functionalities of R-Aimbot include the following:

  • Aimbot – this is the abovementioned auto-targeting for a headshot
  • AutoAim – the gunpoint is auto-locked on the opponent’s body
  • KnifeAim – just like AutoAim, but for the Knife
  • AutoShoot – the shooting can be done without repeatedly pressing the left mouse button, the process is done automatically, and we do not have to do anything except for moving.
  • No Recoil – removal of recoil correct our shots and they land where we want them to
  • No Spread – another correction of shooting error.
  • AutoPistol – allows you to hold the fire button and automatically shoot with your weapon
  • Team – This option also allows you to shoot at your own team members, which is useful in FFA matches.

There are several files in the R-Aimbot folder, including the readme file which explains step by step how to make our bot to work. After launching the main R-Aimbot file, run Counter-Strike. Then you have access to configure the aimbot in whatever way you like.

 The Advantages and Disadvantages of R-Aimbot Cheat

Since Counter-Strike 1.6 is already a fairly old game, there are no major concerns as far as the detection by the official VAC system (Valve Anti Cheat). However, this does not mean that if you decide to use the program, you will not be banned from the Counter-Strike servers. If you choose to do so, then it is your own responsibility. Again, you should be aware that It is not ethical, violates the rules of the game, and involves potential consequences.

The advantage of the R-Aimbot software is the feeling of playing a perfect game. The reactions of the enemy players we encounter who see what we do are priceless to watch. We can feel like the best Counter-Strike pro players, shooting the headshots even before the enemy has a chance to see us.

However, playing with R-Aimbot has also its disadvantages. It might happen that the game will refuse to run. For example, when you turn on the bot and then CS 1.6, the game can simply crash. Do not be discouraged though, just restart the cheat and run CS again, It should work next time. Similar things can happen when joining a particular server. The solution is to repeat the process until everything works well. The last drawback is that it soon becomes obvious that we’re cheating. And in such a case, every server admin (or a player reporting the fact to the admin) seeing that something is wrong with our game style will proceed on to permanently block our account.

R-Aimbot is a cheat for Counter-Strike. Download it, but use it at your own risk as obtaining an unfair advantage in the game can make you suffer consequences.
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