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Hearts Premium

Hearts Premium is a downloadable card game from the developers over at TreeCardGames, who are well known for making simple, but enjoyable versions of popular card games. Games such as Gin Rummy, Solitaire, and even Spades have all been made into simple to play PC counterparts of their real-world versions, making the games all completely accessible for whoever wishes to play them.

How to Download Hearts Premium

You download the trial version of Hearts Premium by following the Download link below this review. The trail last 30 days. If you like card games, be sure also to check out the patience titles by the same developer, Free Spider Solitaire, 123 Free Solitaire, and the immense collection of patience games SolSuite Solitaire.

The Game Review

Released in October 2017, Hearts Premium does exactly what the name implies: providing you as the player the perfect excuse to play some Hearts.

The Graphics

Visually, the game isn’t designed to astound, but for the most part does a very nice job of making sure everything in the game is clear and concise, all the while having a rather nice visual style to go along with it to prevent anything from becoming too confusing.

The cards and backgrounds can be changed at the drop of a hat and even enlarged to some degree to make viewing them that little bit easier. Even the menus and its options are kept small and concise, as such, everything you need to know about each game of Hearts Premium is right there in front of you, without causing the player to wonder where everything is.

The Interface 

As should be expected with a game that’s based purely around a real-world card game, there isn’t much to the controls in the slightest. Whenever it becomes your turn, you simply click on the card that you’d like to select and then the game does the rest of the task for you.

Even the menus are all the same; with a few small clicks, you’ll be wherever you need to be, such as the options to start a new game, change the name and appearance of players, and even change the background of the playing board and the card images and the backs themselves. Other than that, there isn’t too much that can be done in the menus, but if you’re just looking for a game to play some Hearts in, Hearts Premium more than makes up for that.

The Hearts Premium Gameplay

With the game of Hearts, each game starts the same. You have a selection of cards in front of you and your three opponents. At the start of the game, you each pick three different cards you wish to hand over to an opponent and they’ll all do the same; at which point, the main game then begins. Each player then takes it in turns to pick a card, in the hopes that they don’t pick the highest value card on offer.

Whoever is unfortunate in placing down the highest value card will be forced to take the stack and acquire some points. By the end of all of the games, the winner is whoever has the least amount of points out of all the other players. By any chance you’ve played Hearts before, you’ll know exactly what to expect from Hearts Premium.

Hearts Premium
Hearts Premium is a card game which goal is not to take any tricks. Download it and play against three computer opponents at four difficulty levels.
9 Total Score
Hearts Premium Review Summary

Anyone that's looking for a cheap and cheerful version of Hearts that doesn't make things overly complicated and simply wants to start as many games as you wish, then this is an ideal game for you. Even though the game doesn't really teach you how to play Hearts, before too long, you'll be picking it all up in no time.

  • Nice visuals when it comes to the card art
  • Simple and easy to learn gameplay for any age
  • Within a split-second of loading the game, you'll be in a match of Hearts
  • Not very much in terms of customizing appearance
  • No tutorial for players that have never played Hearts before
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