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MahJong Suite 2022 v19.0

MahJong has been around since the 20th century and thanks to the digital age and video games specifically it has actually taken off all around the world. I was recently given the chance to download and check out the new version of MahJong Suite which is the latest version of this game.

How to Download MahJong Suite

You can download the trial version of MahJong Suite by following the Download link below. The trial lasts for 30 days.

You should know that the creator of the game TreeCardGames has also many other interesting puzzle games. You can try (among others) the big collection of patience games SolSuite Solitaire, the modern numbers-based puzzle game Sudoku Up or the card game of Spanish origin: Hearts Premium.

The Game Review

If you are new to MahJong and are wondering what the heck it is, think of it as a different take on solitaire with a bit of dominos and you will be on the right track.

It is pretty crazy how many different MahJong games are on eth market right now, but MahJong Suit has more than enough features to make this the most complete MahJong package that you can currently get.

The Gameplay

You can play your standard game of MahJong here where you have the classic and beautiful more traditional looking tiles that you need to get rid of. These tend to be Chinese characters and floral patterns and they are great if you want to a more traditional game of MahJong to enjoy.

One thing that sets MahJong Suite apart from all the rest is not just that it has a near-infinite amount of games for you to play, but the folks behind this game have done a great job in making this one of the more fun versions of MahJong that is out there.

The way that they have done this is by having fun tile configurations. These are things like money, a Christmas stocking, a teapot and many more. It just helps make things more fun and interesting when you play.

As well as the different variations for the formation of the tiles one thing that I thought was pretty cool was the vast amount of tile types. While the floral and more traditional tile designs are cool. MahJong Suite knows that many of you guys coming to this game will have played a million other MahJong games in the past.

As a result, when you purchase this they give you an “add-on” pack that contains all kinds of fun tiles with different animals and other cute things. While this add-on pack is really neat the base game actually has a lot of choice for you when it comes to the tiles that you play with.

What I think is really going to make MahJong Suite appeal to longtime MahJong fans is the stat tracking. The people who made this have gone super in-depth with keeping track of all your games, your high scores, your wins, your losses and everything in between. Some folks are sure to find this kind of thing very interesting. There are also some great options in the game that can help those new to MahJong. Things like “show available moves” are great tools for learning how to be a better MahJong player.

The Multiplayer Mode in MahJong Suite 2019

One other thing I have to mention is the multiplayer aspect of MahJong Suite. You can put your high scores against your friends and family which is a great way to add some major replayability to the game and also put your skills to the test against other people you know who enjoy MahJong.

The Bottom Line

MahJong Suite really is the complete MahJong package. It has so many different variations for you to play that I really do think this would be the only MahJong game that you need.

There is a ton of content here and things like the different tiles, game variations, stat tracking, and the multiplayer aspect make it something you are going to get a ton of enjoyment from.

MahJong Suite 2018 15.0
MahJong Suite 2018 is a digital version of the old game from China which was created during the rule of the Qing dynasty, which rules China from 1644 to 1912. Download it now and have a relaxing time.
9 Total Score
MahJong Suite 2019 Review Summary

  • Different tiles keep things fun
  • Some very in-depth stat tracking
  • Fun and addictive multiplayer
  • Some interesting tools that help you be a better player
  • The ultimate version of MahJong!
  • If you do not like MahJong this is not for you
  • You could get addicted
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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