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Sudoku Up 12.0

Sudoku the Japanese puzzle game took the world by storm a few years ago. There have been many Sudoku games over the years, but the downloadable title Sudoku Up 2018 is a cut above the rest. This is characteristic of TreeCardGames productions that give you a lot of value for your buck.

How to Download Sudoku Up 2018

You can download the trial version of Sudoku Up 2018 Review by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. The trail will be active for 30 days. If you like the game you should also have a look at other titles from TreeCardGame like Free Spider Solitaire, 123 Free Solitaire or SolSuite Solitaire. You can count that you will get the same high quality.

The Game Review

Let’s start with the sheer number of different Sudoku puzzles that Sudoku has. There are so many puzzles in this game that it would actually be impossible for you to play them all in your lifetime! So if you are a huge Sudoku fan and like to play it for a few minutes every day, you will always have a new experience when you play this.

While Sudoku is known for being the game about the numbers and Sudoku Up 2018, of course, has that. You can keep things fresh by replacing the same old numbers with things like letters, birds, smiley faces, fruit and much more. This adds far more to the game than you would think and helps keep Sudoku fresh and fun, speaking of fresh they also have a series of backgrounds that help make things more interesting.

Along with the different backgrounds and icons, you also have five difficulty levels ranging from very easy to very difficult. They even allow you to print out the puzzles so you can take these on the go with you.

Now that alone makes Sudoku Up 2018 the most amazing Sudoku package around, but it does far more and that is what really makes this the only Sudoku game that you need. Its stat tracking is second to none.

It will keep track of the games that you have played, how well you did, games you quit on, games you failed and so on. If you are into stats and want to track who much better you are getting then this allows you to do that and it is actually quite addictive.

If you love to play against your friends then there is actually a really fun multiplayer component to Sudoku Up 2018. You guys can challenge each other’s high score, records and so on and this helps make things fun.

Sudoku Up 2018 also has some other features that are actually really cool. First up is the feature to select an actual game board. Each board has its own number and by typing it in you can play that exact board. You can then give your buddy the same number and directly challenge each other. You can also look at the games you have played and the games that you have lost in this section.

There are two options that are great if you get stuck. One will show you the available moves and the other allows you to select a certain number and then the game will tell you the available spaces that number can go. This is called the “show valid moves” feature and it is really helpful. These may not be required if you are some kind of Sudoku Jedi, but if you are new to the game it can really be helpful.

Sudoku Up 2018
Sudoku Up 2018 is a puzzle game in which you have to fill rows and columns with numbers so that each of them has all the digits (or other symbols). Download it now for some mind-bending exercise.
9 Total Score
Sudoku Up 2018 Review Summary

Sudoku Up 2018 really is the ultimate Sudoku package. It is hard to think of any other Sudoku game that is as packed with different puzzles as this one. Not only that but the stat tracking, the multiplayer component, the way you can actually learn how to be a better player all make this the best Sudoku experience around.

  • More puzzles than you will ever be able to do!
  • You can change the puzzles up to keep things interesting
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Great stat tracking
  • Lots of interesting features that teach you to be a better player
  • Only for fans of Sudoku
  • You will never be able to experience all the puzzles. But that's perhaps more of a philosophical problem than a real one.
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