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Spades Premium

Card games are often associated with PCs, especially if we are thinking about solitaires. After all, as one of the titles that Microsoft packed into its Windows OS for free, you’re bound to get some recognition. But, as anyone will tell you, solitaire is just one card game among many. In fact, as one of the most versatile formats for different variants, playing cards have a fairly large presence in games. One particular pastime that is a lot of fun on the PC is Spades Premium.

How to Download Spades Premium

You can download the trial version of the game for free. To start, click on the Download button below the review. Another interesting card game from TreeCardGames is Hearts. Contrary to Spades the strategy here is not to take any tricks at all! You should check out that one too.

The Game Review

Spades are played against three opponents. Spades being a trick-taking card game, its basic mechanics is basically to end up with the biggest numbers of tricks gained at the end of a round.

Spades is related to other card games with similar mechanics like Bridge and Hearts but, unlike those games, Spades are always the trump card in the game of the same name.

If you’ve never played Spades before, it isn’t a tough game to pick up but it is very difficult to master. The benefit of learning how to play Spades is that a player can transfer his skills to other related games with ease.

What is a Trick?
The idea behind the notion of a trick is, in fact, very simple. You play a card and so does each opponent. Then we see who played the strongest card. The strongest cars wins and the collection of the four cards is taken by the winner and constitutes the trick. In each deal, there is a maximum of 13 tricks to take because you play with a deck of 52 cards (4 times 13 equals 52).

Spades Premium offers the best experience on the PC for the fan of Spades and the gamer who just wants to give it a try.

A premium offering in the digital card games segment, Spades Premium offers players a variety of game mode options. These include minor variant games as well as rule adjustments.

Perfect for someone who wants to learn the game, Spades Premium is also ideal for the person who has put hours upon hours into spades in the past.

Published by Tree Card Games, Spades Premium is one of many games in the playing card game genre by this company. The makers of MahJong Suite and 1-2-3 Free Solitaire, among others, Tree Card Games knows how important it is to capture the magic and addictive nature of playing cards.

A lot of the challenge in Spades Premium will come from improving your game and learning more advanced techniques. This makes Spades Premium a game well suited for people of any skill level.

The single biggest advantage of Spades Premium is that it handles all of the nagging details that come along with physical cards. No one wants to deal with that and Spades Premium makes sure you don’t have to do so.

That said, you will learn the rules of Spades and that is a benefit for someone who wants to improve their game. As you get better the game will become more natural to you and you should be more than ready to play in the real world.

Spades Premium
Spades Premium is a computer version of the established card game. Download it now and become a trick-taking machine.
8.5 Total Score
Spades Premium Review Summary

  • Awesome rendition of Spades that is sure to make a fan happy and get a newcomer addicted
  • Simple graphics with an easy to use and understand interface
  • Complex rules are boiled down into understandable game mechanics
  • It’s all Spades all day
  • If the initial conceit of Spades doesn’t get you going then this game won’t change your mind
  • Probably would make more sense as part of a suite of games
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