NosTale is an F2P MMORPG game by Entwell Co., Ltd. that features a JRPG style of art and concept and shares similarities with games such as Ragnarok Online and Secret of the Solstice for those familiar with either game. Players enter a world fighting for justice and make a collective effort to liberate the sacred forest from evil monsters that have appeared on the world with the sudden materialization of crystals that draw these foes near to it. Players travel through the crystals into different parts of the world to stop the incoming invasion with timed challenges, boss raids, and NPC events/missions.

How to Download NosTale

To start downloading NosTale click on the Download button at the end of the review. This way you will download the game installer. Run it to install the full game on your hard drive so you will be able to play online. You can also download Fairy Elemental Pack from Steam.

The Game Review

NosTale is played from a third-person isometric point of view and is majorly based on its click-based gameplay. In addition to similar games mentioned above, I would also consider some aspects of the game to be similar to that of Maplestory. Specifically the class system, featuring three basic classes at the start that progress as the player reaches higher levels and branches out into more in-depth skills and roles. Like Maplestory, players begin their adventure in the class of their choosing (archer, swordsman, and mage) but gradually unlock higher skill levels to become a specific focus within their class.

Another fun implementation of NosTale is its monster system. While out venturing and fighting the evil that looms, players have the chance to capture monsters and recruit them to the player’s Miniland, the player’s home. These captured and tamed monsters can then be summoned to the player’s side to aid in battle and fight together.

The game also features its PvP Arena for players to partake in and try to win awesome rewards and prizes for winning. And like all MMOs without fail have, NosTale’s family system is equivalent to the common guild system which also hosts its own events and raids together as a family.

Unlike many hardcore games of this genre, such as the Diablo series or Path of Exile, NosTale is much more casual and relaxed which can prove beneficial to those looking for a bright alternative or introduction to the game/genre. This is not saying NosTale is boring by any means. Along with the mentioned gameplay aspects, NosTale also has its quirks to keep players busy with the storyline quest and world events as mentioned before to be carried out with your “family” or with strangers. The game’s longtime fan base seem to keep their loyalty to the game as well as making for a true MMO atmosphere. Furthermore, the game also appeals to old-school fans of the genre that enjoy the simplicity of the game’s art style and mechanics. If any of the contents mentioned interested you, be sure to check it out on steam or through the direct website for more information.

NosStale is an anime MMO with very little characters that are observed and controlled from a top-down isometric view. Download the game for free and join millions of players.
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