ASTRONEER is a downloadable survival game set in the open world. It is a sandbox for adventures of an astronaut exploring unknown planets. The title is Era Softworks studio’s first commercial project. The game was released on December 16, 2016, and is be available on PC and Xbox One.

How to Download ASTRONEER

Downloading ASTRONEER requires Steam access.

The Story

The game’s setting is the 25th century, and the main character is an astronaut, conquering the universe alone. The plot resembles the events of the American gold rush. Technological progress and human development cause rare resources to be the most valuable currency. This fact makes all kinds of explorers keen on visiting the farthest reaches of the universe in search of the precious ore and minerals. One of these explorers is our hero, who, risking his life, will conduct his quest for gold on various planets. This is the story of the game.

The Game Mechanics in ASTRONEER

What sets this production apart from other similar games is not the story. ASTRONEER mechanics are focused on exploring and taking care of the needs of our hero. Due to the fact that the action is set in outer space, we will face all the dangers that are typical of distant planets. Thus we can expect such troubles as a limited supply of oxygen or venomous creatures that can be met on one of the many procedurally generated planets. The gameplay system is based mainly on visiting the planets in search of resources. However, to do so, you need to build a base and then expand it. If you do not want to be forced to replenish oxygen all the time moment, it will also be necessary to build a system that distributes this life-saving gas automatically.

The tool you will use to collect the resources will be a special gun. It allows you to break structures and extract valuable items from them. Thanks to it, you can dig tunnels or conduct open-cast mining. Thanks to the crafting system, the collected recourses can be made into useful gadgets or even vehicles. On your way, we will also encounter wrecks of ships, which you will be able to search to recover all kinds of useful elements.


The Game Modes

The game is available for both the single-player and multiplayer modes. Since the planets we visits are generated procedurally we will never land on the same world. The fauna and flora of the planets are generated from thousands of combinations, giving each planet a unique design. This means that each planet has its own characteristics and original threats. Although we own a spaceship in the game, the main part of the ASTRONNER takes place on the surface of the planets, and that is where we will study, among other things, the extinct civilizations or fight with hostile beings.

The game looks good. The planets are vibrant and colorful, and the multitude of forms of life sometimes dazzles. In addition, the game has an implemented weather system that can also be lethal to our avatar. The game engine works well with and generated nice molecular effects. The GAME is pretty well optimized.

ASTRONEER is a game in which you explore and shape distant planets being exposed to all kinds of dangers. Download the game and experience an adventure in space.
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