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When you think of games in need of a simulation you probably don’t often consider the world of cooking as the perfect premise from which to make a game. But developers Wastelands Interactive took one look at the kitchen and saw a world of opportunity for gamification and thus the downloadable Cooking Simulator was born. As the name implies, Cooking Simulator brings you right into the heart of the world’s largest, cleanest kitchen and sets you to the task of becoming a chef so to speak.

How to Download Cooking Simulator

To download Cooking Simulator click on the Download link below the game review. You can get a copy of the game from Steam. Sadly, Cooking Simulator demo is not available there, although in the past people could play a beta version, which they called also a demo. If you like cooking games be sure also to download and check out the action game Overcooked! 2.

The Game Review

Not exactly the Cooking Mama series of Nintendo DS legend, Cooking Simulator is more attuned to actual simulation and not the completion of minigames with vaguely cooking-related tasks.

Cooking Simulator lets you choose ingredients, cut vegetables, prepare food, and engage in the techniques of preparation that transforms raw materials into something edible. Presented in a lovingly sterile 3D graphical style, Cooking Simulator is at times true-to-life and also very much a video game.

Overall, the game really takes extra care to simulate what it is like to work in a kitchen and lovingly crafts the recipes on offer to both take advantage of and heighten the simulation aspects that make the game so compelling.

The dishes you can make in this game are very real and the actions you take to create them are also based on real techniques and motions that an actual chef would make in the kitchen.

The graphics are absolutely outstanding for a game that is based upon such a simple premise.

From lighting to detail on the various implements, Wastelands Interactive did not shy away from paying attention to details in order to deliver a solid experience. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a restaurant chef then Cooking Simulator might be your chance to give it a go.

That said, this game is not going to simulate the process of owning and running a restaurant nor is it going to offer you objectives and narrative outside of preparing the recipes on file.

A simulator in the purest sense of the word, Cooking Simulator’s strengths are in its ability to convey a somewhat realistic sense of place and purpose and it excels at that.

Yet it is hard not to judge a game by what it is lacking and Cooking Simulator gives the player little in the way of things to do outside of the cooking simulation. Though this will certainly be more than enough for some people, when coupled with the general presentation and the quality thereof, the lack of other things to do becomes somewhat disappointing. But the game never stops offering a compelling, high-quality experience and the simulation elements in the game are spot on and on point.

This game truly takes pride in simulating the motions of being a chef and for gamers who want nothing more than this, there are no other games doing it quite like this. Cooking Simulator is an awesome title for realizing whether you’ve got what it takes to handle the heat in the kitchen or whether you might want to stick to the minigames of Cooking Mama.

Cooking Simulator
Cooking Simulator is a realistic cooking simulation. Download the game now, cut, slice, mix, spice, boil, bake and fry to prove you are a master chef.
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