Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Despite the pitifully lame Dad-jokes and cliched stereotypes, Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator is pretty good. Overall, the blend of eye-catching art, multiple-choice endings, and a flexible Dad character creator issues plenty of fun. However, prepare yourself for tons of lame puns, awkward innuendos and mega-cheesy chat up lines. Over the hill, Papa’s undergoing a mid-life crisis, need not apply.

How to Download Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

You can download Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator from Steam. ANd if you are looking for a dating sim with a similar theme check out and download also Amorous.

The Game Review

The premise of Dream Daddy is short and somewhat sweet. After the lead protagonist moves to an idyllic town with his Daughter, he soon discovers that there’s a whole host of hot and available men ready to date at the drop of a hat. Plenty of fish in the sea it would seem. Strangely, almost the entire neighborhood contains dateable-dudes craving a little romance. Coincidence or what!

There are seven datable Dads Dream Daddy, and each one has a distinct look and personality. In spite of this, what each of the fathers has in common is a proclivity for insanely bad gags and one-liners. Although these are sometimes comical due to there down-right stupidity, it does break the illusion of realism when this theme runs through all seven Dads. Otherwise, each Dad is diverse and carries varying interests, hobbies, occupations, and passions.

Also, there is a range of looks from ruggedly handsome to cute and geeky. Thankfully, Dream Daddy has more depth than Tinder, the swipe-based dating app that seems to focus on aesthetics alone. Hence, the goal here is to search for inner beauty or a soul mate with whom to live the rest of your days alongside. On that note, its time to dress to impress.

That takes us onto the story arcs. Mostly, the characters are in-depth enough to issue a wholesome experience. However, sometimes the morality of a select few are called into question. The developers Game Grumps appear to be injecting a political message or hidden agenda into certain storylines. That’s Something that may aggravate the games core target-audience: that being, casual gamers who like the freedom and flexibility to make choices. However egocentric or not-pc they may be.

Perhaps the most exciting story is Roberts, and it’s the only one that seemed to carry emotional value. The rest, although funny and entertaining, lack substance, and not before long, the onus on bad jokes eat away at the soul. Sure, like all relationships, everything’s fine and dandy at the start. But soon enough those pet-hates and irrational idiosyncrasies slowly begin to creep under the skin. It’s funny at first, but later down the line, all those grips become tedious.

Despite this, there is plenty of variety to the script. Better still, the deviating plotlines create alter-endings that go some lengths to keeping things fresh. All in all, the mix of light-hearted dialogue, the gamut of loveable rogues and the vivid, eye-popping visuals create a fun-loving dating sim accessible to all. Yes, it does have some issues, but the charm inherent out ways any of the cons.

Will you find the perfect match? Well, if you can stomach the brain-numbing Dad jokes, then the likelihood is yes. It’s a vast ocean out there so what on earth have you got to lose. Get your rods out; it’s time to go Dad fishing!

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a downloadable game in which as a dad... you're looking to meet other interesting dads in your neighborhood.
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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Review Summary

  • Colorful art style
  • A diverse range of Dads
  • Deviating plotlines
  • Bad Dad Jokes
  • Really awful Dad jokes
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