Equilinox is a downloadable nature simulation game developed and published by ThinMatrix. The game features an environment where players get to create their own diverse ecosystem full of nature and animals, as per their requirements.

How to Download Equilinox

You can download Equilinox by following the link below the review. The game can be purchased on Steam for a moderate price of $9.99. If you like games in which you have to care for the created world you should also download and check out Eco.

The Game Review

The main aim of the game is for the players to transform barren land into a lively nature ecosystem by placing setting up trees, plants, and animals, thereby allowing the terrain to evolve. The game was officially released on 23rd November 2018 and is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Equilinox is a single player game with very little to choose from in terms of gameplay type. The main menu features only a single sandbox mode where players begin with a barren terrain. Initially, the land is completely empty with no signs of life and this is where the player activity comes in.

There are three steps to this game. The first one revolves around players having to create the ecosystem of their choice. This can be done by planting trees, diverse plants, and filling up the population with animal wildlife. The game offers a variety of entities to choose from in every field.

This, in turn, enables them to create unique ecosystems that can consist of deep forests, tropical islands, flower-filled meadows, and even deserts. Once all the basics have been set up, the next goal is for the players to nurture their environment in order to further enhance it.

To enrich the ecosystem further, players are required to fulfill the specific requirements and cater to the needs of the wildlife, so they can further grow. Sufficient resources have to be provided to the animals and a suitable habitat should be maintained for the environment.

Consequently, the wildlife, including both animals and plants, can evolve and unlock new kinds of species that can then be included in the player’s ecosystem.

Equilinox introduces a points system that can be earned by players as they progress in the game. Since every species has its own life-cycle, behaviors, and requirements, the players can fulfill them and earn points for themselves.

These points are then used to upgrade the species, allowing players to manipulate their traits, features, and behaviors, as per their liking. They are also used to evolve the player’s current species and unlock new ones that can be used and placed in the player’s sandbox space.

Apart from that, there are specific tasks that players need to complete in order to progress in the game. The tasks mostly revolve around fulfilling requirements of different plants and animals which resultantly earns them rewards including extra diversity points and new game content.

Equilinox is a simulation game in which you create your own ecosystem. Download it now and watch how your world evolves.
9 Total Score
Equilinox Review Summary

Overall, Equilinox is the perfect game for every nature lover. It features a distinct gameplay in the sense that it gives control over to the player to create a terrain and ecosystem as per their likings.

  • Diverse gameplay, allowing players to choose and create from a wide variety of terrains and species.
  • Sandbox means that players can continuously keep on playing for as long as they desire.
  • No online gameplay available.
  • Relatively higher specifications required to play the game.
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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Windows 7
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