Fernbus Simulator

Fernbus Simulator, also known as Fernbus Coaching Simulator, is a simulator game of a bus driver. In Fernbus Simulator you drive the bus and your duty is to safely transport the passengers between the largest German cities. TML-Studios who is responsible for the production of this title is also known for such games as San Francisco Bus Simulator, Bus Simulator 2012 or City Bus Simulator 2010. The game was released on August 25, 2016, and is available on PCs running Windows.

How to Download Fernbus Coaching Simulator

The download of the game can be performed through the Steam platform.

How to Play the Game

In the new installment of the bus driving series, you will have the opportunity not only to play as the driver but also as the serviceman on the bus. The creators of the game have made sure that you face all the challenges of the bus driver who drives between cities. You will drive the car, sell tickets, and deal with all kinds of unexpected situations. In the game, there are German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Dortmund. Your goal is to drive according to your timetable and to ensure the safety of your passengers both in urban and in rural areas. An additional difficulty is a dynamically changing weather, the day and night cycle, and the changing seasons that influence the conditions on the road. The game has a career mode, so all our achievements translate directly into the development of our transportation company.

Fernbus Simulator – The Game Mechanics and the Graphics

On the mechanical side, the game is a pure simulator. This means a realistic model of driving, believable traffic plus the inclusion of unpredictable situations, such as traffic jams and accidents. You will have to move on the predetermined routes. An intuitive interface and a nice navigation system make the game easy for beginner drivers. In addition to driving a bus, your task will also be to help passengers, for example by selling tickets to people who have not purchased them before. Fernbus Simulator offers licensed German MAN buses. They look like the originals not only on the outside but also inside. Every detail of the bus cab was taken care of. In the career mode, you will be able to earn reputation points that will translate into the number of passengers on the line and will unlock new cities. The better and safer your driving style, the higher the level of your reputation.

Graphically, Fernbus Simulator does not differ from other productions of this type. The game looks nice, but it’s obvious that for the creators first and foremost what counted was the, not photorealistic graphics. The production uses the famous Unreal Engine. Also, the sound effects in the game deserve praise. While on the bus we can hear a flying airplane or the sound of nearby construction work. The game is well optimized and runs smoothly even on older computers.

Other Bus Simulators

If you like Fernbus Simulator, you could also try other similar games. These could be, for example, Bus Simulator 16 or OMSI 2.

Fernbus Simulator
Fernbus Simulator is a bus simulator developed by the German company TML-Studios. Download the game today and get on the road.
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