German Truck Simulator

The title may betray a lot of what this game is about but there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, who doesn’t appreciate some honesty in labeling? Developed by SCS Software and published by Excalibur Publishing, the downloadable German Truck Simulator is, as the title suggests, a car simulation game mixed with a job simulation game that puts the player behind the big wheels of a freight rig in Germany. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the life of a truck driver, then German Truck Simulator has you covered – particularly if you’ve wanted to do this in Germany or Austria.

How to Download German Truck Simulator

You can download the free demo of German Truck Simulator by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. The game can be them easily upgraded to the full version. If you like truck simulators you should also download and check out UK Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 or the mobile Truck Simulator 2018: Europe.

System Requirements

The game does not need a powerful machine to run. In fact, all you need is to have a 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 and 1 GB RAM.

German Truck Simulator Review

Offering the ability to work for others or even own your own truck, German Truck Simulator is about picking up and delivering cargo to various stops across Germany and, later through expansion, Austria.

It’s that simple but it’s also that much more complex. You see, truck drivers are often under intense pressure to meet schedules, keep budgets, and stay on the road as much as possible. This is not only the driving force of the game but the main action. German Truck Simulator forces players to take into account things such as fuel cost as well as the relative profit one will make from one delivery over another.

Most gamers will start off working for someone else and it is here that they will get their water wings so to speak. Learning the game’s mechanics at this stage is not only imperative but it is a necessity if the player wishes to progress further. There is no upper limit to a player’s progression in the truck driving world in Germany and though you may start out driving for one cargo company you could end up owning not only your own truck but your own fleet at the end of the day.

Starting off as a truck driver the player gradually levels up to owning their own rig and eventually their own trucking company. As this progresses the general concerns the player faces grow in scope as well. These considerations start from the mundane making deliveries on time and watching fuel costs to scheduling fleet maintenance, where to open up hubs for your fleet, and what contracts to accept in order to maximize your return.

In this way, German Truck Simulator becomes so much more than a game about trucking and takes on the attributes of advanced sims. In this dual appeal, the game is deceiving and, again back to that name, perhaps not that well served by the generic application for its title.

You’re much more than a German truck driver and instead become a logistics mogul as things progress. If you were initially turned off by the concept of being a freight hauler then keeping in mind the end game simulation elements might make it that much more worthwhile for players to stick around.

After all, there is a certain level of honest realism to this approach that is refreshing. It is rare that someone starts at the top and, in German Truck Simulator, you undertake the career of a German truck driver and can go where you like with it.

German Truck Simulator
German Truck Simulator takes you on a trip to Germany and Austria. Download it now and become a pro truck driver.
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