UK Truck Simulator

UK Truck Simulator is a downloadable driving simulator that has you take control of your own hauling company as you take to the roads, earning money and finally getting the chance to start your own company. The game was originally released on the 19th February 2010 and is developed by SCS Software, the same team behind Euro Truck Simulator, Bus Driver, and American Truck Simulator.

How to Download UK Truck Simulator

You can download the free demo of the game by following the Download link below the review. Then you can easily turn the demo into the full version of the game without a need for additional downloads.

The Game Review

In terms of a story, the game doesn’t actually have any. Typically, the only thing that’s really keeping you going as the player is the chance to finally purchase and run your own hauling company. Once you acquire that company, you’ll finally be able to have the chance to take things a little easier without having to constantly play through numerous different jobs to increase your cash amount.

Gameplay in UK Truck Simulator has you behind the wheel of a truck, driving across the vast openness of the UK, delivering goods to different locations. When it comes to controls, it can be as simple as driving with WASD and using the mouse as a camera. While driving, you can keep things simple or complicated and require more decisions to be made by the player. For instance, if you’d rather have the gearbox manually changed, you can choose to have that or simply have it on automatic and let it do it of its own accord. The game effectively has you play as if you would in real life if you’re driving, and at no point will you be able to drive around, crashing into whatever you choose.

The main gameplay mechanic of the game is to drive between point A to point B, all the while you’re hauling a delivery to its destination. By completing these jobs you’re going to earn some money to purchase fuel, new trucks, and even your own company, which is effectively the ultimate goal.

Getting enough money to finally make that vast purchase isn’t going to be particularly easy, but by consistently doing your jobs you’ll be able to finally buy it. While you’re out on the road, however, if you’re not careful and make consistent mistakes as if you weren’t driving in real life, you’re going to be facing a lot of different penalties. The entire point of this simulator game is to play as if you would in real life; failing to do so is going to make progress in the game rather difficult.

In terms of comparisons, the game isn’t really similar to much else out on the market. UK Truck Simulator is incredibly similar to Euro Truck Simulator, but that’s down to the fact that the game is effectively a pseudo-sequel to the previous title, without being a direct sequel.

Anyone that’s on the lookout for a fun simulator game that doesn’t have to be played too seriously and can be enjoyed in short or long bursts, this is a great game to pick up. There isn’t nearly as much content as Euro Truck Simulator 2, but considering the game came out in 2010, it has a lot to offer considering its age at this point.

UK Truck Simulator
UK Truck Simulator is a driving simulator that lets you visit eighteen cities in the United Kingdom. Download the free demo now to see if you're up to the task.
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