SimpleRockets 2

SimpleRockets 2 is the downloadable sequel to SimpleRockets and now comes in the form of being fully 3D this time around. Originally released on PC on the 8th November 2018, this Early Access title has been developed by Jundroo LLC, a team known for SimplePlanes and the first SimpleRockets games. With no specific objective, the game simply wants you to build your own ideal rocket and have fun with it while getting the chance to explore new, unexplored worlds.

How to Download SimpleRockets 2

Click on the Download link placed at the bottom of this review. This way you will be able to download the game from Steam.

The Game Review

Since the game has no story whatsoever to speak of, let’s focus on the visuals instead. The visuals in this game are that of a simple nature, of which can probably be assumed from the name of the game. All of the visuals in the game are to a degree, simple-shaped polygons that have more than enough detail on them to differentiate from one another, without being overtly detailed. This style is rather simple and isn’t quite as striking as some others, but it makes the game instantly recognizable as a result.

The gameplay is twofold in SimpleRockets 2: first of all, you have to build and design your chosen vehicle and once you’ve done that and it’s up and running, you can move onto the second part, which is operating it.

Despite the game being named SimpleRockets 2, rockets aren’t the only thing that you can make. You can also make rovers, planes, and pretty much any vehicle that can come to mind. The game may be titled something else, but you can pretty much build whatever you like with the parts on offer and not have to worry too much about what you’ve actually built.

The building aspect of the game is very much in the style of a sandbox game, where you don’t have to pay for or purchase any of the parts. You’re given access to everything in the very first instance of playing and from there you can build whatever vehicle you’re feeling like.

By combining all of these different parts between module, wheels, engines, and thrusters, you’ll eventually come out with a vehicle of some kind and are free to test it. Whether it makes it to the stars or simply crashes in the ocean is all down to just how well you can build your perfect rocket.

In terms of comparisons, the game is very clearly taken inspiration from its first tile and Kerbal Space Program. When it comes to Kerbal Space Program, though, it seems they’ve wanted to take that very idea, but by making it a little easier and more accessible for the average player, as SimpleRockets 2 doesn’t require quite as much trial and error on the player’s part.

SimpleRockets 2
SimpleRockets 2 is a sandbox game for creating spacecraft, rockets, airplanes and the like. Download it and explore outer space to your heart's content.
8.5 Total Score
SimpleRockets 2 Review Summary

Anyone that’s looking for a simpler version of Kerbal Space Program or simply wants something a little different from that game, then SimpleRockets 2 has plenty on offer. Regardless of how much or how little time you spend on it, you’re going to be having a blast with the game as a whole.

  • Easy to get to grips with and build your first vehicles
  • Not restricted to only rockets
  • Exploring other planets once you get there is really satisfying
  • Visuals can get a little bit boring after a while because of the simple nature of them
  • The camera can definitely be working against you at times when you’re playing
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
Jundroo, LLC
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Windows 8
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