Train Simulator 2019

Train Simulator 2019 is an important new release in the series of downloadable train sims. For the first time, the players will experience 64-bit technology, which means that the game will run smoother. There are also new routers and new route extensions.

How to Download Train Simulator 2019

To download the game click on the link below this game review. Train Simulator 2019 is available as a Steam digital download. If you like railway-themed games check out also Train Sim World.

The Game Review

The lifeblood of any major metropolis, the public transportation system, on a local scale, is a necessity for thousands of commuters. Not only that but it is also a job center and home to some of the most stressful tasks in a municipality’s portfolio. 

Of course, we’re talking about trains and the conductors that keep them running on time and in good maintenance.

Spanning more than just cities, however, trains can also ferry cargo to and from distant locations as well as take passengers on scenic journeys to exotic destinations.

Whatever the endgame, the process of getting there is much the same and that is where Train Simulator 2019 draws its inspiration for its simulation gameplay.

Taking the role of a train conductor, the title puts you behind the wheel of some the world’s fastest locomotives and tasks you with completing some of the most grueling routes out there.

Drawing inspiration from the real world, players will be tasked with everything from keeping a schedule to navigating treacherous passes. And, best of all, this is fully realized in a detailed as well as the lovingly crafted simulation environment. Built for people who love trains, this simulator doesn’t shy away from the heavy simulation aspect underpinning it all but provides enough of an incentive for players who don’t give a fig about trains to find the game fun and compelling.

Developed and published by Dovetail Games, the game features all of the necessary elements for an enjoyable game with the core download but also offers consumers tons of downloadable content so that they can experience the train and routes that they want to do. While appealing primarily to the train aficionados that keep this series at the top of its game, the DLC will probably entice others to take a peek once the central gameplay of Train Simulator 2019 has them hooked.

There are also editions based on the various countries within which Train Simulator 2019 is a popular game. Players can download the version of their choice and add any content found in the others through DLC. There’s no need to worry about missing out as Dovetail Games is certain to provide access in multiple ways to the game’s deep library of content. 

Train Simulator 2019: the Graphics 

Graphically, Train Simulator 2019 really does an amazing job at capturing the design and heft of the locomotives the player pilots. In addition to that, the scenery and routes on offer give players a great idea of what it is actually like to ride those trains.

A lot of the graphical flourish is done with a nod towards the train fanatic but it also adds a level of immersion that is much appreciated, especially for a simulation title.

The Music and Sound Effects

Sounds and what music exists are there to primarily serve in the mode of furthering the simulation and are not noteworthy outside of that.

Train Simulator 2019
Train Simulator 2019 is an amazing and well-thought train driving experience. Download it now master the rails, Your journey starts here.
8 Total Score
Train Simulator 2019 Review Summary

A total package of a game, Train Simulator 2019 is a great title for train fanatics and those that love driving sims.

  • Excellent simulation elements
  • Tons of real-world trains and routes
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Basically for train fanatics
  • Somewhat hard-to-grasp gameplay concepts
  • Routes tend to blend together after a while
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
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40 GB
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