Viscera Cleanup Detail

I have to give the person who came up with the concept of Viscera Cleanup Detail an A for effort. Usually, in a game, you play as a hero, the hero who saves the day no matter what. In this game, you play as the person who does all the cleaning up after the hero has saved the day.

How to Download Viscera Cleanup Detail

You can download the full game from Steam. You can also get the free alpha prototype. Click on the Download button and make your choice.

The Game Review

The story is that in this futuristic facility, aliens have tried to take it over. One brave guy said no and took on the alien threat and killed them all! The problem with this is that there are severed limbs, blood, bullet casings and more all over the facility. You are part of the cleanup crew and you need to take care of this. It is a very clever idea for a game and one I have not personally experienced before.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is played from the first-person point of view and you are tasked with cleaning up each area. You have three things that will help you do this. You have your trusty mop, a bucket for trash and an incinerator in which you will get rid of the mess you have collected. You need to mop things up, pick up trash and then get rid of it all.

One of the strangest things about the gameplay of this game is how relaxing it all is. Yes, the walls are painted with blood, bullet casings are all over the floor and there is some guys arm under the desk. However, there is a real Zen-like feeling of going about your job and cleaning things up.

While I found the gameplay of Viscera Cleanup Detail to be enjoyable, I do wish that there was more in the way of progression. The main motivation for the game is finding these diary-type things that flesh out the story and also getting a high score. There are no extra items to unlock or even any kind of cosmetics for the items you already have. I feel this is a bit of a missed opportunity if I am being honest.

If you are playing on your own this is a fun and relaxing time. However, if you play with friends then it becomes something different. The physics in this game can be hilarious and while you will start out trying to work together, before long you will just start screwing around and having fun. This is a great multiplayer game if you are looking for something more lighthearted and fun.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Viscera Cleanup Detail is a very clever idea for a game. I found the little bit of lore and story here to be very entertaining and loved the whole tongue in cheekiness of it all. The gameplay is fun and I think if they had just expanded on it and let you unlock things as you played it would have been even better. Still, this is a game that is very easy for me to recommend to you guys.

Viscera Cleanup Detail
Viscera Cleanup Detail is a first-person perspective action game in which you clean up locations after some FPS hero made a mess out of them. Download it now.
9.5 Total Score
Viscera Cleanup Detail Review Summary

  • I thought the story and idea of the game was hilarious
  • Picking up severed limbs and cleaning blood is great!
  • The game has a weird relaxing vibe to it all
  • The presentation has some real charm to it
  • It is the kind of game that is a lot of fun on your own or with friends
  • I do think there could have been more things to unlock as you play
  • Just one or two more cleaning items would have been nice
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