VR Kanojo

A girlfriend simulator from well-known Japanese publisher and developer ILLUSION, who specializes in this genre, VR Kanojo is the first English-language title from the popular Japanese game maker. In VR Kanojo you hang out with your virtual gal Sakura Yuuhi with a level of realism often only matched by the real thing according to promises made by the developer.

How to Download VR Kanojo

VR Kanojo can be downloaded from Steam. You can also download the uncensored patch which you should find at the game developer’s website. Steam allows you to get hold of VR Benchmark Kanojo. It is free software that lets you measure the performance of your PC.

The Game Review

The game is marketed as a hang-out session with a girl called Sakura Yuuhi. These activities include everything from just hanging out to helping her with her homework or even just watching her breathe or sleep. ILLUSION Software is known for its somewhat explicit games so all of this is quite a par for the course.

With the appropriate VR equipment, players can interact with Sakura in a variety of ways, from unhooking her bra to helping her stage a dress-up session.

All of this action occurs in Sakura’s own bedroom and, as you can imagine, the game doesn’t just stop at innocent expressions of flirtation.

But never fear – unlike other games from ILLUSION Software, VR Kanojo never actually takes it to the point of sex but it definitely plays around the edges. This holds true unless you decide to get a patch from their website.

In this respect, the game is akin to the PlayStation VR game Summer Lesson except for more options to be a bit pervier.

Of course, this game is a solo experience and it explicitly markets itself as such. Multiplayer might get awkward but no one is stopping you.

The graphics are what you would expect from a title in this genre: detailed enough where it counts and pretty focused on the character model above all else.

Both the style and setting of the game are quite accurate in conveying Sakura’s life as a college girl and players that speak Japanese will be sure to catch on to this almost immediately.

With such attention to detail in terms of the simulation experience, VR Kanojo goes a bit further than Summer Lesson for PlayStation 4 in that the options in terms of interactivity are much greater.

VR Kanojo truly encourages players to live alongside Sakura and all that entails but without taking it into explicit territory that would involve sex. Never innocent, the game is nonetheless par for the course in its genre and stands out for its more chaste approach, if anything.

Fully enjoying VR Kanojo requires a substantial investment in some pretty nice virtual reality equipment and this might be the biggest hurdle players face to enjoying this game.

It is truly made for VR and those players lacking the ability to fully interact with Sakura’s world might find the game lacking.

But for those players able to fully deploy what VR Kanojo needs to run, the game offers a fairly robust experience in terms of simulation and variety of player activities. Although a bit more expensive than some of the 2D animation-based titles in the genre, VR Kanojo’s integration of both virtual reality and girlfriend simulation elements places it in a unique market position for the fans.

VR Kanojo / VRカノジョ
VR Kanojo is a Japanese virtual reality dating simulator. Download the game and meet a cute anime style girl Sakura Yuuhi. Spend time with her.
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