I must inform you guys that Satisfactory is still in early access as I write this so by the time you read it new features could have been added to the game. Anyway, building an automated factory used to sound like the dumbest idea to me for ages until I eventually gave Factorio a go and I have been fascinated by this genre since.

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Satisfactory can be downloaded from Epic Games Store. To do so, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The team behind this game (Coffee Stain Studios) gave us the awesomely weird Goat Simulator and the tower defense Sanctum and Sanctum 2. Those games had a lot of little details and features that made them catch on so I had high hopes that when it came to a building sim they would put in that same level of detail. I can tell you already, despite only being in early access I am impressed with what the game offers.

The basic schtick of Satisfactory is that you are taken to this cool looking alien planet and you have a handful of tools that you can make use of. You need to explore the planet and use up the natural resources that you come across. You use these to make these pretty awesome factories.

It starts off quite slow with you having to man-manage pretty much everything so that you can build the “space elevator” so that you can send the stuff your factories are making back to the FICSIT corporation, although I am still unclear as to what exactly is going on here as far as the reason for what I am doing are, but I do feel it will be explained as I play more.

What is great about Satisfactory is the way that the game allows you to create these very awesome automated factories. As you progress you will have these complex factories that pretty much handle everything by themselves even the transporting of items thanks to a complex set of convey belts that you can link between.

In the early access of the game, there is still quite a lot of content for you to play through. You have 6 tiers that you can work through and each one has multiple milestones for you to do. So, while it is early access I do feel that they have launched Satisfactory with a decent amount of stuff for players to get up to.

While it is very easy to talk about the factory building aspect of Satisfactory the thing that has really impressed me is this alien world they have created. The world is not procedurally generated like some other games like this do, but I think that works to the games advantage. It allowed them to create a fully realized world with different biomes.

As I write this the early access version of Satisfactory has three distinct biomes for you to explore and exploit for resources. I had so much fun doing this! There is some very well-designed alien wildlife for you to interact with including the very popular Lizard Doggo that is blowing up all over social media.

Again, I have to stress that Satisfactory is still in early access, but I am really liking what I am seeing here. If you like factory building games and games that encourage exploration of strange worlds you are going to love this. The first person POV makes things way more immersive and I am genuinely excited to see what they add to the game in the coming months.

Satisfactory is a cross between an open-world first-person shooter and a factory building sim. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Satisfactory Review Summary

  • Even in early access, it looks good
  • You can make huge factories
  • You have to think about where you build
  • The aliens look pretty cool
  • Each biome feels different
  • Early access, so a few bugs are to be expected
  • Not much in the way of a story
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