Army Bus Driving 2018

Army Bus Driving 2018 – Military Coach Transporter is a driving simulator, available on Android. The game was originally released on the Google Play Store back in August of 2017. The game was initially called Army Bus Driving 2017 but the developers (3BeesStudio, a team known for many other driving simulators on the Android store) decided to change the name next year. This game has you take control of an Army Bus that needs to transport the army personnel from one part of the compound to the other, all while doing so in a safe and timely manner.

How to Download Army Bus Driving 2018 – Military Coach Transporter

To start downloading the game click on the Download button located below the review. If you like bus driving games, be sure to also look out for Bus Simulator 18 or Bus Driver Simulator 2019.

The Mobile Game Review

Since the game lacks any kind of real story, we’ll focus on the visuals and see what they have in store for you as the player. For the most part, the visual style is all rather simple and tries not to be anything too complex, as to not confuse the player. Everything in the game is clear in its design, without requiring too much detail and while the game looks fairly simple, it keeps a consistent style throughout.

General gameplay and controls start off simple and get progressively more difficult, all depending on the level and terrain that you’re playing on at the time. The way the controls work is you are given access to a steering wheel, a brake, an accelerator, and a gearbox that shifts between drive and reverse, depending on the direction you want to go in.

At the start of the level, you pick up a number of army personnel and must make your way over to the highlighted area on the level to drop them off and continue onto the next level. Whilst driving, a timer will be ticking down and your fuel gauge will slowly drop; if either of them reaches zero, then the level is considered a failure.

Each level is exactly the same as the last – in terms of what your goal is – but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier from here on out. Considering just how hilly and mountainous the surrounding area is, the levels soon end up reflecting that and requires you to maneuver and navigate around tight-fitting areas that aren’t exactly easy to traverse when using a bus. With each level that comes and goes, it makes use of this terrain to throw some challenges towards the player, without going too overboard with it.

Army Bus Driving 2018 takes some inspiration from the developers many other titles, that much is clear, but it also seems to take some inspiration from classics such as Crazy Taxi. In Crazy Taxi you’re required to pick up passengers and take them to a set destination within a time limit and while Army Bus Driving 2017 isn’t quite as hectic as Crazy Taxi at any point, the gameplay is still rather similar to some degree.

Anyone that’s looking for a free to play driving simulation game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while being a relatively enjoyable affair for what it is, you’ve got a good hour here to enjoy everything the game has to offer. It might not teach you how to properly drive a bus, but it will give you some inkling on just how difficult it can be.

Army Bus Driving 2018
Army Bus Driving 2018 is a bus simulator with a military twist. Download the game for free and make sure your soldiers are transported safely.
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