Block Strike is a first-person shooter from Rexet Studio and was originally released on iOS and Android on the 6th March 2016. Rexet Studio are known for their portable version of popular Garry’s Mod game modes, such as Death Run, Prop Hunt, and Murder Game. Block Strike is designed to be an easy game to pick up and play, with plenty of reasons to stick with it as players begin to get better and better.

How to Download Block Strike

You can download Block Strike from either Apple App Store or from Google Play Store. To continue downloading click on the Download button located at the end of this review.

The Game Review

Block Strike is an online-only title that gives players the option to play around with a number of different weapons and different maps to play in different settings and rulesets to keep things interesting.

The gameplay is a standard 1st person affair, where the main aim of the game is to point and shoot at whatever is moving that isn’t on your team. While playing, players can move, shoot, reload, jump, and even climb ladders when the time requires. The general gameplay is pretty standard, with players getting the choice of many different maps and weapons, with each weapon having its own typical style. For instance, players have the opportunity to play around with snipers, dual-wield pistols, and, of course, shotguns.

Somewhat more interesting than the weapons are the maps, as the game uses both official and custom maps respectively. For the official maps, there are different game modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and even Zombie Survival, allowing for plenty of variety to prevent players from getting sick and tired from the same old maps. Also available to players are custom maps, which have even more variety and can come in the form of unique rules and guns, but there are even surfing maps, which a lot of games don’t have access to – especially on mobile.

When it comes to the visuals, the game takes inspiration from games like Minecraft and Pixel Gun 3D, where everything is sort of made out of blocks and is distinguished from one another. The characters themselves are rather simple, but the guns are made out of more in-depth 3D pixel art and typically have a lot more interesting colors tied to them than the player model does.

Some of the biggest comparisons that can be made with this game would have to be Minecraft or Pixel Gun 3D in terms of its visuals, as they both revolve around its blocky design. In terms of gameplay, however, the game plays similar to the Counter-Strike franchise, without forcing the player to become a pro at the game before they can enjoy the game as a whole.

Block Strike clearly takes inspiration from games like Counter-Strike and Minecraft but manages to create a unique and interesting FPS title that manages to control and play well on mobile devices; a feat that isn’t particularly easy. Fans of the FPS genre or simply someone who wants a game like Counter-Strike on the go will find plenty to enjoy within this one, that’s for sure.

Block Strike
Block Strike is a mobile FPS game with blocky characters. There are two opposing teams: the cops and the robbers. Join one of them and have fun in multiplayer.
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