Granny: Chapter Two

Do not worry, Granny: Chapter Two does not require that you have experienced the first game to get into this (check also the cool song about it). This is a mobile horror title that is far scarier than you would think. I played the game on a rather budget Samsung smartphone and it worked fantastically well.

How to Download Granny: Chapter Two

You can download the game by clicking the button below the review. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

The Game Review

The story of the game is that a deranged grandma and grandpa have you locked in their house and unless you can escape in the allotted five days you are dead!  If I had to compare the game to another game it would be Outlast but on a much smaller scale. If that sounds good to you, you are in for a good time with this.

It is a first-person kind of game and it controls pretty well to be fair. You have to explore the house, but you need to be as quiet as you can! Granny can move at flash speed and Grandpa is not scared to beat the hell out of you. It is a game that relies on jump scares, but man are they effective!

The game has you going through the house trying to escape and for the most part, the gameplay is all stealth. You drop something, granny will hear, you go into the wrong room at the wrong time and you are caught! It is the kind of game that always keeps you on edge and in that regard, it works very well.

I would not say this is a whole new game from the first, more that they have changed a few things and added a couple too. Granny has a new pet and it is this gross-looking octopus creature that lives in the water! While I liked this thing, it is not as scary as the spider-baby hybrid from the first granny!

You do have a few things that allow you a fighting chance. These are mainly a gun and a stun gun; I would suggest using these as a last resort! The game has a few puzzle-like elements where you need to find objects to interact with another object such as keys and a wire-cutting tool. These do help keep the game moving along and from getting boring.

The presentation of Granny: Chapter Two is not the best, but I think this is intentional. The house is all gross and dilapidated and granny and grandpa themselves have a really creepy kind of design to them. The game I think goes for a more modest presentation to ensure it runs fine on any device.

I had a great time with Granny: Chapter Two and think that it is worth checking out. It is supported via ads so you do not have to worry about spending a penny here. It is a great game if you want a portable scare and it is also pretty fun from an actual gameplay point of view too.

Granny: Chapter Two
Granny: Chapter Two is a sequel to a mobile horror game that everyone was talking about. Download it now and enjoy its gameplay.
9 Total Score
Granny: Chapter Two Review Summary

  • Grandpa joins the fight!
  • The game will make you jump
  • I love the creepy sound effects
  • It is easy to get into
  • There are many random elements to the game
  • The new “pet” is not as good as the old one
  • Once you beat it a couple of times you probably won't go back
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