Granny is an indie horror game, available for download on mobile devices, such as iOS and Android. The game was developed by DVloper and while they aren’t known for much, they are the creator of the Slendrina games, a series of indie horror games, much like Granny. Trapped inside Granny’s house, the player must escape her deadly clutches by figuring out the puzzle that is her front door. Locked with a passcode, two electronic locks, and a key, it won’t make for an easy escape.

How to Download Granny

To download Granny for Android go to Google Play Store. To do this just click on the Download button at the end of the review. Alternatively, if you are looking to download the version for iOS you need to visit the Apple App Store.

The Game Review

Granny, like many indie horror games, does not have any sort of a story, except for the brief insert at the beginning of the game that basically tells the player that they need to escape Granny’s house. Before playing, you can have a look at a number of different difficulty settings that will change the aggression and movement speed of the AI for the evil grandma. They will also increase or decrease the number of days the player has to escape her house. Every new run starts on Day 1 and the days effectively act as lives, because every time Granny manages to catch the player, they are knocked out and are forced onto the next day.

The game plays like a first-person horror title that requires the player to look around the house for different tools and items to fully unlock the front door and escape. Throughout all of this exploration, Granny is in the process of setting up traps around the house to catch the player off-guard and to knock them out with her bat as soon as she gets near enough to them. Players can avoid their grandmother by simply running away, out-maneuvering her, and hiding underneath beds/inside wardrobes.

Graphically, Granny isn’t the most visually stunning horror game on the market. A lot of the textures and objects in the game are low-resolution and have a low-polygon count. Despite the low-grade graphics, it somewhat makes Granny that much more horrifying due to the simple-looking nature of the scares in the game.

Granny is one of those games that can easily be compared to many others, due to the fact that it’s a first-person horror game in a genre where many other developers are doing the exact same thing. This mobile title has taken inspiration from many different games in the genre and has resulted in its own entity on mobile devices, a platform where horror games aren’t typically well received.

While Granny isn’t a graphical masterpiece, the immense popularity of this title that verges on the cult status should come as no surprise to horror fans. Just like any good horror game, this one manages to keep players on their toes at all times while the creepy grandmother tries to kill them at every single chance she gets. For anyone looking for a fun, but scary mobile horror game, Granny has all they could ever need for a horror game that they can take anywhere they please.

Granny is a mobile horror adventure game. You have to escape the locked house and avoid scary looking Granny. Download the game for free and complete this difficult mission.
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DVloper (Dennis Vukanovic)
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