Identity V

Identity V is a downloadable mobile survival horror game in the vein of Resident Evil and Silent Hill but more of the latter than the former. Luckily a lot of its macabre and creepy moments are watered down by what is a charming graphical style. Still, the game never really lets up in its attempts to envelop the gamer in a creepy atmosphere it creates.

How to Download Identity V

To download the game to your mobile device click on the Download button located at the end of this review. This survival horror game can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and fro the Apple App Store for iOS powered tablets and phones. If you like mobile horror games you should also download and check out another smashing hit Granny.

The Game Review

Easily one of the most popular genres in modern gaming, survival horror is as diverse as it is ubiquitous.

Though horror video games have long held a place in the industry, with Capcom 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System title Sweet Home serving as a prominent example. However, nothing really took off until Resident Evil and its rival Silent Hill brought the genre to the original Sony PlayStation in a big way back in 1996. Ever since then the genre is one of the gaming industry’s most popular – and for a good reason.

While video games are always good at simulating something in real life they truly stand out when they tackle the fantastical and the out of this world. Horror, a genre that relies upon fantasy, suspense, and a primal sense of danger. It takes advantage of a video game’s ability to transport us to a new reality and give us all the sensations that come along with that.

Identity V Gameplay and Story

The game basically takes the premise of a hide-and-go-seek title, putting players in the position of the seeker or the one hiding respectively. The terror in the game comes from being hunted down. But fear not, those who are forced to hide are not helpless.

Promising puzzles and environmental effects to help along the way Identity V is more about how resourceful a gamer is then it is about mastering specific gameplay techniques. Variety and chaos are the order of the day in a hide and go seek game and Identity V knows this and keeps it at the core of its gameplay. We’re sure there are methods that work more than others but the game tries to keep you on your toes. 

The game will also feature a distinct cast of characters, each with their own talents, abilities, and gameplay styles we assume. As a detective investigating a case it is you versus four other players for 1v4 gameplay that is rarely seen in horror games.

The graphical art style is unique and charming, if not a little bit unsettling at the same time. The characters look like dolls in many ways, with buttons for eyes, but they also resemble shambling corpses as well.

The game promises a dark secret at its core but a lot of this is hinted at in a very mild way using the game’s art direction and general tone. 

To be frank, the aesthetic can be simultaneously off-putting and strange because you’re never quite sure how you’re supposed to react to what you’re seeing. 

Is this a kid’s game, is it an adult game – the graphics help straddle both worlds and, in the process, cause you to lower your guard like the best horror titles often do.

Identity V
Identity V is a mobile survival horror game with asymmetrical fights between four survivors and one hunter. Download the game and enjoy the gothic style of the setting.
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