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When we say fun and games, music composition is probably not the first thing that comes to mind but Incredibox wants to change that – and they just might succeed. This tool makes producing your own music on your computer or otherwise fun experience.

How does it do this exactly?

Through a combination of production and game but it all makes sense even if it doesn’t strike you as a productivity app at first glance.

How to Download Incredibox

You can get the program from a  number of mobile app stores such as Google Play. There are also desktop versions for macOS and Windows 10 powered machines. There is even an online demo that you can try in a browser for free. If you like programs that let you make music, check out also our reviews of DJ Mixer Express or Virtual DJ.

The Program Review

First of all, there’s a web version and an app version that gives you two great options for using the software. It all works through beatboxing and you choose the style or ambiance you want and then you go from there. Whatever you mix together can be shared with other people on the wider web.

According to the website, more than 50 million people have downloaded and used the software which is an absolutely astounding number when you think about it. 

Self-described as both a tool and a game, many users might wonder what “exactly” the productivity aspect of the game is. That’s what we will tell you about here.

If you need a beatbox sound or rhythm for a track you are making or as the background sound in a video or for a podcast even, then this tool will help you make the perfect, high-fidelity beatbox sample for your song or creation.

Of course, that’s a pretty niche use but that doesn’t change the fact that Incredibox really doesn’t have much competition in this area. Couple that with the popularity of beatboxing, and it isn’t hard to see why it is a great resource for people who work with audio. 

In terms of the nitty-gritty of using the software, we have to say that it is absolutely awesome that you can use a web version or download it to your computer.

Those two venues are perfect for experimenting and seeing what the app is all about. Yet we do have to say that, when it comes to using it, the game aspect of everything might turn more serious users off and that’s a shame. It is somewhat strange, we agree, but it is part of the general style the game gives off.

Once you start using it, you have to admit that it does help you get the ambiance and sound you want down without much of a problem. 

Getting over that initial hesitation when it comes to the user interface is perhaps all that will hold most people back from making use of Incredibox. Outside of that, we can’t help but recommend it enough. Rather than off-putting, we think the game aspect helps people understand what they are doing and also results in a better output at the end of the day. You’ll be pretty shocked at just how high quality your mixes are – as well as how addictive making them can be.

With multiple options for use and tons of unique ways to generate awesome output, Incredibox is a great tool for audiophiles and others.

Incredibox is a desktop program or a mobile app that lets you make music. Download it now and see why it is so incredible.
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