TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game

TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game is a free downloadable game that attracts users with retro graphics and a very high degree of difficulty. The latter immediately brings to mind the ultra-hard Flappy Bird. However, this time the mechanics of the game are completely different. TrapAdventure 2, with its highly pixelated graphics, takes you on a journey into the past. The game runs exclusively on iOS. In Android app stores, you can find similar games by other authors, often with deceptively similar names, but these games are not the original Trap Adventure 2. Consider yourself warned.

How to Download Trap Adventure 2

Download the game for free, then spend 99 cents to unlock many lives. And if you like difficult platform games, check out also I Wanna Be The Boshy. or I Wanna Be The Guy.

How to Play the Game

The author of TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game is the Japanese programmer Hiroyoshi Oshiba. During the game, you must overcome various obstacles, such as spike traps, steep cliffs, deep wells, unfathomed water reservoirs or hellish pits that should be jumped over.

The traps prepared by the creator of the game will easily bring you on the verge of frustration and beyond. As the player, you have 10 chances/lives at your disposal to overcome all the obstacles in the game. Therefore, Trap Adventure 2 should be approached with humor, otherwise, the irritation will take the lead.

The game was developed and published in 2016 (as the successor of the original released 3 years earlier), but only now it is becoming a global hit. Oshiba himself described his game as the most annoying title ever created. If perhaps you don’t have the patience to struggle with the game, painstakingly learning from your mistakes, you can rely on the hints seen on YouTube. Still, such an approach does not guarantee success. Knowing how to win doesn’t mean victory. You need to learn the walkthrough by heart and do all the moves that require a lot of dexterity in the right order.

The game is available for download free of charge, but in the free version, you have only one life, which makes the game ABSOLUTELY impossible to pass. If you’re not crazy, it’s worth spending $1. Otherwise, you are doomed to play Last Chance Mode.

Each stage of Trap Adventure 2 (and the levels are quite diverse) contains hidden traps, which only an avid player can successfully pass. Playing game, you should be vigilant at all times, as the traps are hidden literally at every step. The game requires intense mind work at full speed. And capable fingers.

TrapAdventure 2 is a retro game that resembles old platformers that require quick reflexes and perceptiveness. In the game, you should perform such movements as jumping, running, crawling or dropping bombs

The game is incredibly addictive despite the fact that the player is getting increasingly mad. Apart from traps, the user will find helpful tools and elements in the game. The player must overcome obstacles: water, fire, avalanches, and spikes. During the game, the user escapes from a huge boulder, lava, must survive underwater and in space.

The game allows you to swim, fly and high jumps. The traps can surprise even the most seasoned veterans of the genre. Trap Adventure 2 can easily increase the pressure on the player but also gives great satisfaction in overcoming obstacles. The transition to the next stages requires a lot of effort.

Trap Adventure 2 is a game designed for people who are both patient and ambitious.

TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game
TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game is a game designed for mobile devices by Japanese developer Hiroyoshi Oshiba. It is a hellishly difficult platformer that will make you laugh and go crazy at the same time. This game will test the limits of your endurance. Download it for free now.
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