Man vs. Bee

It is so awesome to see Rowan Atkinson in a comedy like Man vs. Bee! He is such a tremendous actor and one of the most expressive actors around with his body and his face. As I grew up in the UK, Rowan Atkinson with Mr. Bean, Blackadder, and many of his other roles have been a part of my life for over 30 years and this is the best he has been in years.

How to Download Man vs. Bee

You can download or stream the film from Netflix. If you like Rowan Atkinson, check him out also in Johnny English, Johnny English Reborn, Johnny English Strikes Again, Bean, and Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

The Movie Review

Man Vs. Bee is a Netflix Original series and it is quite interesting in the way that it is presented. There are only 9 episodes and apart from the first one, each episode lasts around 10 minutes long. This is a show that asks very little from the viewer in terms of commitment.

The plot of the show is just so absurd that it works like a charm. Rowan Atkinson has taken a job as a house sitter for a wealthy couple who have a very expensive and high-tech home. It sounds like a dream job, but as this is Rowan Atkinson (he is called Trevor in the show) things go horribly wrong.

In the very first episode, the people who own the house give Trevor a whole bunch of dos and don’ts with their house and dog. As you would expect, he pretty much does the exact opposite of what he is supposed to do! It is hilarious stuff and he is put over the edge by a bee of all things! This bee ends up getting into the house and it is like his arch-nemesis as he tries to get rid of it.

The humor in Man vs. Bee is just awesome. It is very silly, very slapstick, and very British and there is not a man better than Rowan Atkinson for this job. I think the fact he co-wrote the show really shows that he was all in on this character. Some of the stuff is just ridiculous, but he pulls it off.

I always liken him to Jim Carrey in that they both are very expressive with their faces and bodies. His facial expressions in this show are awesome and really do make you laugh and also wince in places too. There is also a bit of a “serious” tone in the show as well with the fact that Trevor is dealing with his daughter and his ex-wife.

I can appreciate that they tried to have a bit of heart in the show as well, but to be honest, you could have taken the stuff with his daughter out or scaled it back a bit and the show would not have suffered for it. Still, I would not say that I am against it being in here and I guess it does make Trevor seem more like a real person.

Man vs. Bee is an absolute must-watch. I feel that Netflix has struck gold with this one and it is one of the better Netflix originals released in 2022. Rowan Atkinson is amazing in this; he is exactly what you would expect him to be like in a big fancy house taking part in a battle of the wits with a bee!

Man vs. Bee
Man vs. Bee is a hilarious comedy miniseries with nine very short episodes with Rowan Atkinson as a house sitter who struggles with an annoying insect. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Man vs. Bee Review Summary

  • The slapstick humor in the show is hilarious
  • I liked how the show did not demand a great deal of time from me
  • The affluent couple that owns the home and their dog are pretty great too
  • This is one of the best performances we have seen from Rowan Atkinson in quite some time
  • While it was not bad, I could take or leave the stuff with his daughter
  • If you are not into silly slapstick-style humor, you will probably not like this
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