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Total Commander Ultima Prime 8.5

Have you ever wished there was one software that could do everything, without you downloading each one separately? Total Commander Ultima Prime is here to give you a solution. You may have heard about Total Commander, as it is still a popular alternative to the Windows built-in file manager known as Windows Explorer, Total Commander Ultima Prime is a more diverse version of its file explorer, filled to the brim with nifty additions.

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The Program Review

What is Total Commander Ultima Prime?

Total Commander Ultima Prime is a collection of programs and customized advanced settings that can be used as an add-on to the file explorer software Total Commander. It should, however, be noted that even though Total Commander Ultima Prime is freeware the software Total Commander is not, to be specific it is a shareware with a trial duration of 30 days.

Total Commander is often known as the only file manager you would ever need, this is a statement backed with almost 25 years of positive user feedback. Now pair this up with a plugin namely Ultima Prime that combines this beast with an ever-growing collection of utilities and programs which enables a traditional computer user to do whatever they require?

A result is a software capable of doing almost everything you need more efficiently than using generic Windows tools, plus without the hassle of downloading a software every time something needs to be done. It has many advanced features that can cut down massive amounts of work time off heavy users in the fields of web designing, developing and programming.

Why Is it Useful to a PC User?

As soon as a user starts the setup to install Total Commander, one may notice it has several steps that need to be completed. Although these look quite simple and basic, it allows the user to completely customize their software to suit one’s preferences. During the installation process, the user can even select from a list of software and utilities (plugins) that need to be added, even customized color schemes are present.

These software’s and plugins are present from the Ultima Prime bundle and ensure that no extra downloading is needed, programs such as AIMP (music player), Ant Movie Catalog (manage your movie collections), HomeBank (personal finance manager), KeePass (password manager), uTtorrent (p2p downloader), XnView (image organizer), an universal extractor, a disk burner to file defragment tools such as WinContig are all included in this compilation.

How is the Interface?

Once Total Commander is opened it’s visible that two window panes are present, each running simultaneously alongside each other each consisting of an advanced search tool whilst supporting multiple languages. This dual-pane layout makes everyday file operations such as copy-pasting to be done effortlessly and the quick view panel with the bitmap display is a bonus.

The tremendous potential present in this simple feature is quite amazing; Certain processes, such as transferring large files that may cease any other File managers ability to continue being responsive, is handled effortlessly through the use of background processes.

Background processes can be monitored to view process completion, set transfer speed limits and even notify users with an alert as it comes with an inbuilt alert system to notify the user when an action is completed. The Process Monitor present is much more advanced and packed with features that aren’t present in the Windows Task Manager.

A large number of plugins present in Total Commander along with its added features often makes shambles out of the software’s user-friendly streamlined interface. Fortunately, the fully customizable interface allows several changes to be made, from the number of menus and columns present, customized buttons such as favorites and history to the preferred color scheme; all of this can be done through its interface or manually to suit one’s choice.

Total Commander Ultima Prime allows hot-keys to be configured to the point where nearly any action can be done with a single keystroke, the lack of the mouse might feel alienating at first but over time it will save countless precious seconds for anyone.

Actions such as archive handling were perfected by the program where archives are handled similar to sub-directories, therefore, allowing files to be easily transferred both to and fro and the required archiving program automatically boots up to carry out the function. Formats such as PKZIP, ARJ, LHA, RAR, ACE, and UC2 are all accepted along with formats such as TAR, GZ, and TGZ (archives that are commonly found on LINUX and UNIX systems).

Total Commander Ultima Prime features a built-in FTP client that is very well designed and ingrained within the interface to the point where accessing servers is so effortless and natural, plus it has both FXP and HTTP support. The built-in client supports a wide range of Public FTP servers and certain mainframes.

This software also aids the user in handling the registry and startup along with administrative rights. Management of bootup applications has never been easier, you can easily remove and deactivate programs through the main menu by accessing the Autorun Section. Certain applications that require administrator access cause annoyance to a majority of PC users as one must log back in as an administrator, but using the Total Command Ultima Prime all you have to do is, set the required administrative password and username for your desired program and it’s good to go.

Total Commander Ultima Prime is continuously evolving with regular updates and with each update its potential to be the most complete all in one tool for any PC to skyrocket. The recent introductions such as Cloud storage and screen capture further justify the reputation of the program. Surprisingly Total Commander Ultima Prime is mobile, as all of its in-depth configurations are saved in an INI file, therefore the user has the advantage of working in an interface they are accustomed to wherever they go.

But most of all Total Commander Ultima Prime still stands as the all in one file manager that uses the least resources, even lower than of the famed Windows Explorer.

Total Commander Ultima Prime
Total Commander Ultima Prime is a collection of utilities and customization that add power to the much-beloved file manager. Download it now.
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