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Evermoney is a useful tool for all users who don’t have time to manage their personal finances. If you are one of those who want to take control of finances with an application’s help, this program is just for you.

Keeping the interface simple, LopeSoft has made sure that anyone can use it without facing any issues. You can choose different categories from the dashboard of which you want to keep the record. In addition, it allows you to track incomes and expenses, so you don’t have to write it on a notepad. All the things will be available for you on the panel.

You can manage records of different categories, including Household, Health care, Food, Shopping, Transformation, Entertainment, and Insurance. It also provides you details related to total income, balance, and expense.

Moreover, you can also manage your various bank accounts, and in case you want to perform the searches, you can do it easily by using this application. So, we can say that it’s an ideal choice for those who are busy working and don’t have time to manage these things. In fact, it can be a good tool for students who can control everything with the help of a program. They just need to add the details and transactions of incomes.

How to Download Evermoney

To download the program from Google Play Store, click on the Download button below this review. Check out also other programs by LopeSoft: FileMenu Tools and LopeEdit.

The Program Review

Nowadays, everyone is busy working, and some are doing several jobs at a time to earn a good amount of money. During this tough routine, it’s challenging to track down how much money you spend daily. Most of the time, you have to add things to a notepad, but it’s still not an accurate method.

So what can you do to get an idea about how much money you spend each day? Is there any simple way to manage your expenses? Managing money is easier than ever before and believe it; you don’t have to worry about anything.

Now you can easily use the finances management application, which will help you to keep a record of everything you spend in a day. Hence, if you are looking for a program, then don’t worry, you are at the right platform. We have just found software for you named Evermoney.

From the name, you can guess the goal of this utility. It’s ideal for all both novice and advanced users.  You can also check regular reports and statistics.

The Key Features of Evermoney

The essential key features of Evermoney are mentioned below.

  1. Types of Transactions

You can perform three major types of transactions, including expenses, income, and money transfer. You can easily transfer money between different accounts. In addition, you can assign different colors to different accounts by assigning icons.

  1. Calculating the Balance

Once you have added the accounts, you can check the balance of each account.

  1. Managing Categories

You can manage numerous categories at a time. The categories that you can select include gas, household, health care, and more.

  1. Get Reports

You can easily get reports and statistics. In case you want to see it daily, you can easily view it from the panel.

  1. Syncing the Database

You can perform the synchronization either manually or automatically. You can also backup your data in the device or cloud.

Final Verdict

Evermoney has almost everything that you are looking for. Not only does it help you to manage expenses, but it also makes your transactions easier. You can also set a monthly budget for each account and can manage different categories too.

Evermoney is a great app for managing your personal finances. Download it now to track your income and your expenses.
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