7 Days to Die

Download 7 Days to Die, the FPS set in an open world. The game is created in a post-apocalyptic style and the player’s task is to fight the overwhelming hordes of zombies. The game combines elements of survival, horror, and shooters. The game was developed by the American studio The Fun Pimps Entertainment, and it is their first commercial production. The title was released on August 16, 2016, and is available on Windows PCs, as well as Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles.

How to Download 7 Days to Die

The game can be obtained from Steam. Be sure to also read our review of the platform’s client.

The Story

The setting of the game is the near future. After the end of the nuclear war that began in 2034, the human world was almost completely destroyed. Most of the survivors were infected with a virus that kills them in just seven days and then changes them into mindless zombies. The player acts as on one of a handful of the unaffected, and his task is to live in this merciless world. The game will take the players to the American county of Navezgane. The core of the gameplay is a spectacular massacre of the undead and the destruction of the environment.

The Mechanics and the Graphics

The game is being played out in an open world. Most of the elements of the surroundings can be destroyed in a spectacular way. In addition to the classic American villages, the setting of our struggles will also be forests, mountains, cities, and deserts. Most of the buildings visible on the map will be accessible for the players. The game characters can use a considerable variety of weapons such as, among others: picks, guns, axes, rifles, flamethrowers, and torches. We will be able to shoot zombies, hack and slash them as well as set them on fire. But the world of 7 Days to Die is inhabited not only by zombies. There will also be mutants who will stand in our way. We can treat them the same.

The game contains also some elements of survival – the players need to take care of hunger and thirst of their characters. The devs have also implemented a crafting system which lets the players create the items necessary for survival. In addition, the players will have to build bigger buildings in a system that may remind us of the one from Fallout 4.

The game can be played either online in the multiplayer mode where you can go adventuring with your friends,  or in the single-player mode.

The advanced physical engine makes all the explosions and destruction on the map look incredibly realistic. Collisions of objects are calculated in real time, which increased the realism of the experience. Unfortunately, the graphics are a bit too simple. However, this does not affect the quality of the game and the graphic design fits in with its overall feeling.

7 Days to Die
7 Days to Die is the first person shooter and survival horror game in the open world. Download the game and defeat the hordes of zombies and mutants.
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