Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2 is a zombie survival MMO game developed and published by Creaky Corpse Ltd. The game is a mixture of intense shooting, topped up with the perfect surrounding where the players have to survive in a state of an apocalypse.

The main aim of the game is for the players to equip themselves with the appropriate weapons and kill the zombies in order to survive. The game was officially released on 5th September 2018 and is available to play exclusively by downloading it from Steam. No PS4 or Xbox One versions are currently available.

How to Download Dead Frontier 2

The game is free to download. To start your zombie-adventure click on the Download button below the review. You can obtain the game from Steam. If you like horror games full of terrible evil monstrosities download and check out also some of the Resident Evil titles, for example, Resident Evil 5.

The Game Review

Dead Frontier 2 is an intense action-packed game that is available to play in both single-player and multiplayer modes. In either case, the game and its plot remain the same: kill the zombies in order to survive.

The game begins on the main menu where players set up their accounts after which, they are required to create and customize their own characters. Players can alter their character’s features such as hairstyle, skin color, facial hair, and face structure.

Creating Your New Character in Dead Frontier 2

Once the character customization is complete, players start off at a specific location where they first have to look for a weapon in order to kill any zombie that appears. Players have the option to go inside different buildings and houses in order to scavenge weapons and other useful items. Since Dead Frontier 2 features multiplayer gameplay as well, players can go ahead and team up with online players in order to take out zombies together in joint quests and expeditions.

The Gameplay Mechanics

Moving on to the game dynamics, Dead Frontier 2 holds a lot of in-depth detail regarding the player’s character and their skills. Apart from holding basic characteristics such as health, players are also required to maintain their character’s energy and hydration levels.

The energy level can be maintained by eating specific kinds of food items that can be found at different locations. The hydration level can also be maintained by simply drinking enough water.

In order to fight zombies efficiently, players are required to keep an ample supply of food and water in their inventories which can maintain these attributes.

As far as skills are concerned, Dead Front 2 offers its players a wide variety of skills that can be upgraded as they progress in the game. To name a few, the extensive skill set contains Toughness, Jogger, Medic, Survivor, Sprinter, Lockpicking, Kick Boxing, and Looter.

Each of these skills, which can be obtained by leveling up after killing zombies, gives the player an edge one way or another. For example, the Kick Boxing ability gives players the power to kick away zombies even when they do not have a weapon equipped with them. This technique can be used to escape from zombies if the player’s character is low on health.

Dead Frontier 2
Dead Frontier 2 is a survival horror full of zombies and other scary monsters. Download the game and then don't lose your life evading horrible creatures.
8 Total Score
Dead Frontier 2 Review Summary

Overall, Dead Frontier 2 offers a unique gaming experience in its own entirety. Considering the graphics and the variety of modes available to play, calling Dead Frontier 2 simply amazing would be an understatement.

  • The game offers extensive co-op and multiplayer gameplay mode which can be used to play with friends.
  • The intensive game graphics provides jump scares that genuinely sends down shivers.
  • The game is free.
  • A complex skill set system can make the game confusing to play.
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