Dig or Die

Dig or Die is a new title from the developers over at Gaddy Games, a team currently only known for this one particular game, now available on PC. The game was released on the 10th July 2018 and can be played through either single-player or multiplayer, all depending on the player’s personal tastes. In this 2D survival game, building is going to be the one thing that keeps the player alive each and every single night, whether they have the will to fight or not.

How to Download Dig or Die

In order to download Dig or click on the Download button. It is located at the end of this review. You can download the game from the Steam platform. Because the game has gathered some very positive reviews from the players you should search the net for trainers, cheats, inventory editors and item spawners, and mods for Dig or Die. If you’re stuck, looking for a downloadable game guide is also a good idea. It is also worth to know that the Dig or Die supports multiplayer in a co-op mode. So you can invite your friend to play together.

The Game Review

In Dig or Die, the story starts off short and sweet – the player works for a company known as Craft & Co, a firm known for creating automated defenses and machines to make everyday life easier and simpler. The main character works for them as a sales representative and during a routine fly-over, their ship crashes and they remain the only survivor on a hostile planet. By acquiring resources and the tools at their disposal, the player is expected to build to survive.

The general gameplay loop for the game comes in two waves: the first is during the daytime, where the player is expected to go out and dig for some resources. These resources will be needed to craft new items, tools, and machinations to keep the player alive each and every night. On top of this, the player is also going to build up a house and some general defenses to keep themselves safe. Just before it starts to get dark, however, then is the time to start making some tools and automated machines to keep the player safe throughout the night. Without them, it might make surviving the next night quite a difficult situation.

The second wave comes in the form of the night, where its safest to hunker down inside the base and do whatever the player can to keep themselves alive until the next morning. As soon as night time hits, that’s when the hostiles come running towards the player and that’s where things start to get hairy. Once the hostiles are nearby, any automated machines or turrets will attack and fire against anything that they consider hostile. Providing the player has put up enough defenses, they should be able to survive until the morning; if not, though, the run ends and the player will have to start again.

Easily the biggest comparison for this game would be a mixture of Minecraft, Terraria, and Factorio. It uses the base-building of Minecraft and Terraria, the 2D nature of Terraria, and makes great use of the automation inspiration from Factorio. All of these games are a clear inspiration for Dig and Die and have made for an enjoyable experience for fans of all the three of these games.

Anyone that’s looking for a variation on crafting, tower defense, platform jumping, and science fiction open-world survival will become immediately fond of Dig or Die. There’s a lot of little extra things for players to do, without having to worry about the difficulty getting into the way at any point and it makes for a fun experience for both casual and hardcore players.

Dig or Die
Dig or Die is a 2D mix of action, strategy, happy platform jumping and killing monsters. Download the game and try to survive on a hostile planet.
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