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The Resident Evil 2 remake was my game of the year for 2019 and the best video game remake I have ever played. So, I like millions of others were very excited to see Capcom give the same love and attention to Resident Evil 3. This is a rather interesting one as, before this remake, most people much preferred 2 to 3 so I was curious to see if this would change that.

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The Game Review

One of the first things that I have to say I love about this game is how cinematic it is. This is a truly gorgeous looking game. From the incredible way, Racoon City looks destroyed to the character models themselves. If you thought that Resident Evil 2 looked great, you are going to be more than happy with what Capcom has done here.

The story is set around the same time as Resident Evil 2 and this time we have Jill from the first game and a new character, Carlos, trying to survive the horrors. What makes things extra tough is that Nemesis is hunting down Jill and Nemesis if you did not know is awesome. I like the story here, but it is not quite as good as the second game.

I will give Capcom a ton of credit though for making the whole game more cinematic and giving the story more to it than the original game had. Also, there is really just the one story for you to play through here which felt limited back in 1999 when compared to Resident Evil 2 and it feels limited now when compared to 2019s Resident Evil.

The gameplay of Resident Evil 3 is a bit different from what the last game offered. This as the same game engine as the 2 remake which is great. However, Resident Evil 3 is far more of an action game than last year’s game. There is plenty more ammo here, zombies to kill and in general, the game has a much faster pace.

I would say it is very unfair to say that this is just flat out not as good as 2 it is just a kind of different experience. Nemesis is a huge part of the game, but he is handled a tad differently than he was in the 1999 original. The parts of the game when he appears are pretty dam terrifying, but they tend to happen mostly at the start of the game. While he looks way cooler, I must say that Mr. X from 2 felt more like an unstoppable force.

So far I have played through the single-player mode, but Resident Evil 3 also comes with a new multiplayer game mode. Resident Evil: Resistance pits four players against a mastermind who can dictate traps, monsters and so on to prevent the escape of the other players. It is a neat idea, but I must be honest and say I would have preferred more single-player content.

I really, really like Resident Evil 3. So far this is one of my favorite games of 2020. It is action-packed and fun to play and I can see myself beating it multiple times. However, just like the original game. When you compare this to Resident Evil 2, 3 is kind of lacking in terms of its length and extra content. That does not make it a bad game at all, but just less of an impressive package than 2 was.

Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3 is a third-person shooter horror game. Download it now and fight the monstrous zombies and Nemesis.
7.5 Total Score
Resident Evil 3 Review Summary

  • The presentation is movie-like
  • I enjoyed the story
  • Jill is a real badass
  • I liked the more action-packed gameplay
  • I can see many people liking Resistance
  • Overall, it is not as impressive as 2
  • Some who did not play the original might be shocked at how short this is
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