The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is a downloadable episodic adventure game developed and published by Telltale Games. This is the fourth edition to The Walking Dead video game franchise and is also based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman.

How to Download The Walking Dead: The Final Season

You can download the game either from or from Steam. To start your download click on the Download down below at the end of the review.

The Game Review

Released on 14th August 2018, The Final Season features the players controlling the main protagonist known as Clementine. The main aim of the game is to survive against a zombie apocalypse that has taken place within the gaming environment. The game is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The Final Season is only available to play in single player. The only game mode available to play is the campaign which is divided in the form of episodes. There is a total of four episodes, each with a different apocalyptic scenario that is linked to the previous one.

The Story

The storyline of the game is set a few years after the events of A New Frontier. The main playable character, Clementine, can be seen living a difficult life, whereas also raising AJ at the same time. While scavenging for food, the two run into trouble but are saved by a bunch of teenagers led by Marlon.

The two manage to find shelter and food thanks to Marlon but soon realize how their apparent lifestyle is all but permanent. Clementine becomes stuck in a situation and must now find a way out whilst also protecting AJ at the same time.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season: the Gameplay

One of the most distinctive features of The Final Season is its intelligent and advanced gameplay.

Similar to its previous editions, The Final Season is a graphical adventure which relies a lot on player-based actions and decisions. The players control Clementine and can move her around to examine the environment around her. They are also required to engage in conversation with different characters in order to progress in the storyline.

In different situations that Clementine comes across, the players are required to make decisions which can, and at times, does affect future events that take place in the game.

For those players who have played previous editions, the game allows their decisions to be restored and appear in the Final Season, thus allowing them to make similar decisions, or go for a different strategy by specifically not choosing them.

For those players who have never played The Walking Dead games before nor are they familiar the characters and their attributes, The Final Season allows them to use a web-based story builder tool to create a cloud-based save game that can help them make numerous decisions.

The Bottom Line

Overall, The Final Season was received with mostly positive reviews. Both fans and critics were clearly impressed with the way the game had been developed. Apart from the storyline and the detailed graphics, one of the most unique features introduced that surprised the fans was the complex game coding that allowed player decisions to influence future episodes.

This feature, in turn, enables the players to be more cautious of the decisions that they make in-game, knowing how it can affect their gameplay in future episodes. The Final Season is the perfect blend of action, intensity, and entertainment.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season
The Walking Dead: The Final Season is an adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world infested by zombies. Download the game and play as a little girl, Clementine. Your choices will matter.
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