Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London is one of the most interesting downloadable games out there because it offers you that insane action RPG experience and tons of loot in a single package. At the same time, the game is designed to be very intense, unique and cleverly fun. They also have randomly generated monsters.

Originally released in 2007, in 2018 it made its come back to Steam.

How to Download Hellgate: London

You can download Hellgate: London by following the Download link which you can find at the end of the review. If you like action RPGs be sure also to check out and download the likes of Diablo 2, Path of Exile or Grim Dawn.

The Review

The neat thing about Hellgate: London is that it tries to recreate many portions of London in a post-apocalyptic world. That actually makes a lot of sense to players and it just enhances the possibilities quite a bit. You can expect some of the game experience to become a bit challenging at first.

The Story

The game takes you to London in the year 2038. Here, you fight as a single character choosing one of the six classes, which are:

  • Guardians,
  • Blademasters,
  • Summoners,
  • Evokers,
  • Marksmen,
  • and Engineers.

Belonging to one of three factions: Templars, Cabalists, and Hunters, they all have to fight a war which started 18 years ago against the demons who invaded Earth. And yes, they do come from Hell.

Are The Graphics in Hellgate: London  Now Better than They Used to Be?

And the graphics haven’t been revamped, so you play the same old game even if it just launched on Steam. Plus, there are still some bugs from the original game that weren’t fixed.

The Game Mechanics

If you get past that, Hellgate: London is a gem of a game. They really created a very good looting system here. Every piece of loot is amazing, it looks great and it delivers insane features that you will enjoy. The characters are unique, they have different classes too, and that offers tons of cool combinations for you to explore and check out all the time.

As for loot, you have a random generation system. Quests are randomly generated, so are items and even some dungeons are random too. That really helps you push the boundaries and just enjoy the game more and more. There’s a level cap, but other than that you are free to do whatever you want and explore the world or play the game at your own pace. That’s definitely a great opportunity and a unique experience for you to check out.

The Gameplay

The problem with Hellgate: London is that it doesn’t have multiplayer. The original game did.  However, the new Steam version doesn’t offer that. And there’s no real comment on whether it will arrive or not at some point.

The great thing about this game is that it’s designed to be insane and it always covers some great game mechanics. Enemies are wacky but still very fun, and you tend to have something new and cool around the corner all the time, which is very fun.

The lack of multiplayer drags it down. However, they did add all the patches until the Tokyo release. Which is a good thing, because it does enhance the game a little bit and offers some cool ideas to check out.

That doesn’t make it amazing, but it does provide the number of features and content you need from stuff like this. And that’s the most important aspect for a game like this. Overall, Hellgate: London is fun, but if you play it on Steam you will do that for nostalgia, as the new version doesn’t improve a lot.

Hellgate: London
Hellgate: London is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic London. Download it now and fight against hordes of hellish demons who want to take over our Earth.
7 Total Score
Hellgate: London Review Summary

  • Character faces are improved
  • New system for spawning minibosses
  • Great singleplayer experience
  • No multiplayer, even if the original had it
  • Riddled with many bugs, some make the game unplayable
  • Shared stash removed
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