Farming Simulator 15

Farming Simulator 15 is a farming simulator to be downloaded. It’s been created by Giants Software. It’s the fifth edition of the desktop simulator series (there is a separate line of farming simulators for mobile devices). The game offers a lot of new features that were not available before, such as Scandinavian territories or new brands of machinery. We play as a farmer who plants crops, farms the fields and raises cattle. The acquired money is spent on better machines so our farm can prosper.

How to Download Farming Simulator 15

The game can be downloaded from Steam.

The Farm Game of Our Dreams

In FS 15 we write our own story. It’s a sandbox in which the idea for the way the game should be played is created in the mind of the player. Thus every game can be totally different. Consequently, it guarantees a lot of fun. In Farming Simulator 15 we can drive an in-game vehicle.

If we so fancy we can grow wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beet, and potatoes. In order to feed our cattle, we need to have grass, hay, and straw.

Our breeding animals stock consists of hens, sheep, and cows. This version of the game allows us also to enter the timber industry. Thus we have access to dedicated equipment such as chainsaws.

Farming Simulator 15 – How to Play Tutorial

The earned money can be spent to raise new buildings, the main purpose of which will be to generate additional income. We can choose between hives, solar panels, energy generator or greenhouses. The latter introduce some complications because in order for them to work they need water and manure. We can get water by buying a cistern and the filling it up using drains. For the manure, we need cows, which need to be provided with straw. The game offers many similar nuances, which wen discovered give us a lot of fun and additionally prolong the longevity of Farming Simulator 15. The game is really complex.

It offers a large collection of agricultural machinery and farming equipment. We can use combine harvesters to harvest the crops or play with the machinery for collecting sugar beet. We have access to planters, trailers, tractors, reapers, plows, sprinklers, tedders, cultivators, hay rakes, chaser bins and what have you. Another thing that will come in handy are ballasts which will be of use in case we overload our tractor – the ballast will pull the front wheels down.

What is crucial in the game is maintaining our budget. We need to make choices such as whether to buy a new field or perhaps to modernize our equipment and focus on efficiency.

The game enters a new dimension when we play in a multiplayer mode with our friends. We can divide the different task between each other. For example, one person can harvest wheat with a combine-harvester which is the most suitable for this end, while the friend can help by collecting the crop with a tractor and a trailer and taking the goods to the market.

Farming Simulator 15 delivers. Farm fans will certainly get a tremendous amount of fun from this title. The fans should also take a look at other farming games such as the next game in the series Farming Simulator 17 and its mobile counterpart Farming Simulator 18.

Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 15 is a great darm game from Giants Software. If you hever ever dreamt of becoming a farmer, download the game today and play.
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