Granny Simulator

If you remember that crazy game Who’s Your Daddy, Granny Simulator is something that is very similar to that. In the game, you play as either a child or as a grandma who is babysitting. As of writing, Granny Simulator is still in very early access and has undergone frequent updates and patches since I downloaded the game so please keep that in mind.

How to Download Granny Simulator

The game can be downloaded from Steam. If you like family members simulator check out also Mother Simulator. If you like games about Granny, check out this famous mobile horror game.

The Game Review

Grandma is babysitting and needs to get all of her chores (missions) done, but the little grandson is having none of it and wants her dead because she won’t make his favorite food! Seriously that is the basic idea of the “plot” of Granny Simulator. It is so over the top and crazy that it makes you say what the heck on an almost five-minute basis.

Playing as the granny is the easiest part of the game as she feels very overpowered in comparison to the child. Which when you think about it does make sense. The house is a decent size and there are plenty of objectives that she needs to complete, but of course, doing so with a homicidal toddler after you is easier said than done.

There are a ton of ways for the child to take out his grandma! New ways are being added, with grenades being something that was recently added. It is very, very gruesome too in regards to the ways that he can dispatch of his grandma. He can use places to hide and there is actually a fair bit of stealth when it comes to getting granny.

Granny can use health pills to get some energy back and so far, these are in pretty good supply so it can be much harder to play as the child. Granny can defend herself and the way that she can do this is really, really messed up. I am not offended by gore or anything like that in a game.

However, Granny Simulator has a kind of slapstick almost Tiny Toons Adventures kind of humor to the violence… apart from when the Granny rips apart the kid in one of the most gruesome ways you will ever see! This for me was a little too much and did not need to be as over the top as it was, but to be fair this could be just a personal preference thing.

The idea of the game is to play with a friend. As I have stated, Granny Simulator is currently in early access and getting a game with someone can be rather buggy, but it does eventually work. You can play on your own, but the AI of the granny is really relentless and it can be a rather frustrating experience.

You do have to keep in mind that Granny Simulator is in early access and as a result from a technical point of view the game is far from perfect. I have had random crashes here and there and usually, after a game ends, I have to restart the whole game. To be fair though, patches and updates do appear to be quite frequent.

Granny Simulator is not a game for everyone. I do feel that for around five bucks there is plenty of fun to be had here. It is at its best when playing with someone and that is why I would suggest giving it ago. If you are a single player only kind of person then I would perhaps stay away.

Granny Simulator
Granny Simulator is sometimes a brutal confrontation between a grandmother and her grandchild. Download it now to see why it is so popular.
8 Total Score
Granny Simulator Review Summary

  • The kid is crazy
  • It has a fair bit of stealth in it
  • Lots of ways to take down granny
  • Some of the violence is hilarious
  • Plenty of patches and updates
  • As an early access game, it is very buggy
  • Not that great in single player mode
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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