Robocraft is a dynamic multi-player simulation computer game. The player assumes the role of a pilot who pilots the vehicle, which he has constructed. The title combines many different elements. There are team battles, but also you have the creation process of various vehicles (such as ships or tanks), which during the battles are upgraded to have additional armor or other gadgets. Robocraft game combines also the elements of cRPG games and strategy. It was created by a team of five people that are part of the small studio Freejam. Robocraft is their first game and is a combination of Minecraft and World of Tanks. The release date of the game was August 24, 20187.

How to Download Robocraft

Robocraft is available for completely free download. To start, click on the Download button at the end of the game review.

The Gameplay

In the beginning, you get a certain amount of blocks, and from them, you build your inventions. Additional parts can be either light or heavy armor. The vehicles are additionally equipped with such tools as plasma cannons, laser rifles, and many more.

In Robocraft, two teams fight against each other on a virtual battlefield. The team who eliminates all the enemies from the map wins. The more successful the player is, the better the vehicles he will be able to design, because additional components, gadgets, and armor will be unlocked.

During the fights, money is gained, for which you can buy additional blocks, as well as parts that are used for the further evolution of war machines. The conflicts take place on different maps. The player plays on barren, dry Mars or on an ice-bound planet. The key to winning is to get to know these places.

There are two groups of players who compete against each other for dominance and eliminate all opponent’s forces as quickly as possible in order to take over his headquarters. The main task in the game, as well as the key to success, is the constant reconstruction and modernization of your vehicle. The player decides on combat qualities of his creations. Each player is solely responsible for his vehicle development path from the very beginning of the game. All extras are purchased at your own discretion, but you have to be a plan to get enough new in each subsequent encounter to be able to upgrade your machine. This will enable further development of the vehicle.

In Robocraft, you have the opportunity to compete with other players, you can watch the interesting scenery, and take part in dynamic fights. On top of it, you have an advanced system of expansion of your own vehicle. All this makes the game highly unpredictable.

Robocraft is a multiplayer game, which is based on a free-to-play business model with a micropayment system. The title combines elements of various genres. The game offers 100 modules and components to be discovered. At any time, you can access your account from any computer anywhere via Robocloud, the omnipotent evil AI.

Robocraft is a free simulation of building combat vehicles and fighting between their owners. Download the game and see if you are a crazy inventor and constructor of war machines.
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