Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a sandbox game. You play as an engineer-explorer and you have the whole cosmos at your disposal. During the game, you will build spaceships, space stations, and planetary facilities, both civilian and military. In your ships, you will travel in space to collect the resources necessary for survival and development. The game is available on a Windows PC and has been also announced for the Xbox One. For now, nothing is known about the version on PS4. The game is still being developed, so it is worth visiting the producer’s YouTube channel and watch movies that new features and updates.

How to Download Space Engineers

To play Space Engineers, download the game from the Steam platform. To start downloading, click on the Download button. It is at the end of this review.

The Gameplay

There are no restrictions of any kind. It’s up to you what you will build and what the size of your creation will be. Do you want to become an owner of a huge spaceship, or do you prefer to build the largest space station in the galaxy? No problem, Space Engineers will allow you to build whatever vehicle you want, or whatever building you dream of.

The game is set in the near future, but you deal with all the achievements of modern civilization. In Space Engineers, you will find many devices used by NASA itself. Thanks to this, the realism of the game has been perfectly recreated. At the same time, you will deal with many volumetric objects. What are they? These are structures composed of block modules connected in a grid. With such properties, these objects behave like real physical objects that have physical properties like mass, inertia and which move with the speed determined by their mass and density. So here we have a realistic physics engine where every object can be destroyed, damaged, dismantled or reassembled. You choose.

Space Engineering emphasizes structural and engineering aspects, but there is nothing to prevent you from grabbing a laser rifle and treating numerous planets as maps for a survival shooter. This is what we mean by telling you that this game doesn’t want to limit you in any way. It’s up to you whether you become a genius engineer or a brave soldier on the front.

The planets and the moons in the game were built on the basis of existing celestial bodies. On all of the planets, all the laws related to gravity, climate and atmosphere have been implemented. And all of these astronomical objects are available to you. You can use them sensibly, but you can also completely destroy a planet or a moon. If you like wanton destruction, that is.

Space Engineers provides you with quite a number of game modes, but the emphasis has been put on the survival mode. Here, natural resources are limited. The game allows for multiplayer fun, so together with your friends, you will face the hard task of building order and harmony in a world where you get the chance to become one of the most powerful engineers.

Nothing is impossible in Space Engineers. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Thanks to the use of the proprietary VRAGE 2.0 engine, the game becomes a full-fledged sandbox with a realism that has never been used in a multimedia game before. Grab the game and build ships, space stations straight from science fiction novels. Oh, and if you wonder about other games about space conquest, perhaps you should also have a look at Kerbal Space Program or ASTRONEER.

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Space Engineers
Space Engineers is a simulation of technological conquest in space. The player controls an engineer astronaut. Download the game and enter the open world.
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