Among Us

I can hand on heart say that Among Us is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I have had in quite some time! Imagine being out in space as part of a crew that needs to survive, but there is an impostor killing people and sabotaging things! Well, that is basically the experience of Among Us!

How to Download Among Us

You can download the game from Steam, Google Play or App Store (here it is called Among Us! with an exclamation mark at the end). Click on the Download button to make your choice.

The Game Review

You have two ways to play this game. You can play as part of the crew or you can play as the impostor! Honestly, playing as the imposter is the most fun, but you will still have a great time playing as part of the crew. So, you will actually want to play both sides multiple times.

The game starts with you picking your astronaut. You have many ways to customize them from what they are wearing to having a little pet. Depending on if you are part of the crew of the impostor your goals are drastically different. If you play as part of the crew, you have to either fill the group taskbar which gets the ship ready or you get rid of the imposter.

Playing as the imposter is a very different experience. Here you need to try and blend in and make it look like you are part of the crew. You can sabotage things around the ship to slow down the crew from getting it ready and even just flat out murder people! While this is fun, the real fun of playing as the imposter is when you try and shift the blame to the crew members.

It is so much fun getting everyone whipped up into a frenzy and throwing the blame at someone else. Sitting back, fanning the flames and watching people get paranoid is hilarious. The game lets you communicate via text and if a body is found or something like that a meeting is called and that is where you work together as the crew to figure out who the imposter is or throw shade if you are the imposter.

Each game moves at a quick pace and I like the way that there are activities for the crew to do to keep you on your toes. These are kind of like mini-games (all be it quick and short ones) and they are fun and have a lot of personality. This is part of what makes playing as the crew nearly as much fun as being the dastardly imposter.

Ok, so I have clearly had a great time with this game. However, I will admit that in order to have the best time possible with this, playing with people you know is the way to go. I have played with randoms and had a good time, but many times people just flat out get caught right away or do not play properly.

I think that Among Us is a great idea for a game and it is executed very well. I have had an absolute blast with this, especially when playing with my friends. It does have a local co-op, but I have not dabbled in that. If you like games that are just a ton of fun and easy to get into, you are going to have a blast with this.

Among Us
Among Us is a fantastic online party game in a sci-fi setting. Download it now and find out who's the traitor among you.
9 Total Score
Among Us Review Summary

  • This is a truly hilarious multiplayer experience
  • Offers local co-op as well as online
  • It is fun to play as the evil imposter
  • Playing as the crew is a blast too
  • Accusing other people of being the imposter!
  • Playing with people you do not know can not be as much fun
  • There is some nickel and dime DLC!
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