Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19  is a downloadable mobile game from astragon Entertainment, the studio behind such titles as Bus Simulator 16 and 18 or Construction Simulator 2015 and 2. Coming back to TS 19, do you know what keeps the lifeblood of the global economy flowing? If you answered “the trucking industry,” then you would be correct. Every year more goods are transported by truck than any other method.

This means most of the stuff in your refrigerator probably got there because of a trucker, and you can definitely thank a trucker for your clothing, electronics, and other necessities of modern life.

The dominant scene on the American highway as well as others, trucks are massive vehicles that require specialized training and licensure to operate.

As such, not everyone can be a trucker – and, especially, not everyone can be good at it.

Truck Simulation 19 gives you an idea of what it is like to live the grueling life of a trucker.

How to Download Truck Simulation 19

You can download the game by clicking the Download link below this review. If you like truck simulation game check out the mobile title Truck Simulator 2018: Europe or go for the PC titles such as Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. 

The Game Review 

Not only does Truck SImulator 19 put you behind the wheel of a big rig but also it simulates the business aspect of it all. Available for Apple iOS devices as well as those powered by Google’s Android, Truck Simulation 19 offers officially licensed trucks from Kenworth and Mac as well as a huge map drawn from actual trucking routes in the USA.

You get to choose what you want to haul and where you want to take it. Players have 30 cities as potential destinations and the customization options on top of that are pretty endless.

You can even advance to a point where you own a trucking company and hire other drivers to work for you.

Truck Simulation 19: Are the Graphics Any Good?

Graphically speaking, Truck Simulation 19 is pretty impressive for an iOS and Android game. You will feel immersed in the life of a trucker and everything you need to know is right there within a quick tap of the finger. Gauges and information are clearly displayed, even if they don’t make much sense to you at the beginning of the game.

This is the only real drawback of Truck Simulation 19: you don’t always know what you are doing. 

Sure, you can eventually own your own logistics company, but getting there is more than half the battle. Knowing how to get there is a real struggle. And Truck Simulation 19 doesn’t really make it very clear. 

The Sound 

Music and sound are serviceable and largely help you realize you are playing a game about trucking but they’re nothing special. The real magic of Truck Simulation 19 is in the full effect of the combined elements of the game. It is a really engaging piece of software and will keep you entertained for hours. Getting over its initial humps, however, is a challenge and one that not every gamer will overcome.

Truck Simulation 19
Truck Simulation 19 is a mobile truck driving game. Download it to travel the American roads as a professional truck driver.
7.5 Total Score
Truck Simulation 19 Review Summary

  • The simulation elements are really strong and form the core of the game
  • Tons of gameplay options from freight and cargo to the ultimate destinations of those things
  • A solid game with little in the way of actual competition
  • Might not be for everyone
  • Slow and considered, not a fast-paced action game
  • Graphics, music, and sound are all serviceable - not extraordinary
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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