Mist Survival

Mist Survival is a downloadable single-player survival sandbox, available on PC since the 15th August 2018, and launched as an Early Access title. The game was developed by Rati Wattanakornprasit, and it is his first major game. The game takes place in an apocalyptic situation, where a virus is killing and controlling several hundreds and thousands of people, effectively turning them into zombies. Your job in this world is to simply survive for as long as you can, without being turned into one of them yourself.

How to Download Mist Survival. Can I Get It for PS4 and Xbox?

You can obtain a copy of Mist Survival by clicking the Download button below at the end of this review. The game is currently PC-only title and is not available for download on PS4 or Xbox One. Besides the game, something you should consider download is Mist Survival Trainer.

The Game Review

When it comes to the story in this game, it isn’t particularly fleshed out, but that could be down to the fact the game is still very much in its Early Access form on Steam. Simply put, players will wake up to a world, somewhat shrouded in mist and fog, with zombies all around them. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by this new virus, causing them to act like zombies, but for some reason that is currently unknown, you are immune to the virus. As such, you are required to do your best to survive the progressively more aggressive hordes that want nothing more than to kill you and many others like you.

Playing like a 1st person shooter, Mist Survival’s gameplay is pretty standard for most FPS games nowadays. You go around, looking for loot and resources, and anything you come across that can be considered hostile you can either shoot in the face or make use of the stealth system to try and do it quietly. Obviously, zombies are attracted to noise, so the quieter the better for the most part.

Throughout the world, you can find new places to settle, homes to border up and hunker down in, and can even build certain objects and tools, depending on what you need. In the world you can also come across NPC’s that will help fight these zombies with you, providing you can convince them to do so.

Just like any good survival game, you’re going to have to balance out the fun of shooting every zombie in the face with the monotony that is going out and searching for food. Your character has different stats that need to be looked after and if you fail to look after them properly, your character will quickly die.

In this world everything has been ravaged, so you’re going to need to do a lot of exploring – with or without a car – and acquire as much as you can before sundown, as that’s typically when the hordes start to show up. Once they begin to show up, they will regularly attack you, regardless of whether or not you’re inside of a building and will break down your defenses if they have to; practically stopping at nothing.

In terms of comparisons, Mist Survival seems to want to be a fun twist between 7 Days to Die with its building, looting, and easy to learn mechanics, along with the survival of DayZ. Combining both of these games creates a unique survival experience that’s currently only for single-player but should be brought to co-op soon.

For anyone on the lookout for another great survival game, preferably one they can play on their own, then this is the perfect game for that. While in its current state it isn’t exactly perfect, the game is quite quickly getting there and is going to get bigger and bigger with every update the game receives.

Mist Survival
Mist Survival is am open world survival game designed for a single-player experience. Download it now and confront the zombies.
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