LOTUS-Simulator is a downloadable driving simulation game of buses, trams, and trains. The game is developed and published by Oriolus Software GmbH and was officially released on 15th September 2018. LOTUS-Simulator features an environment where players directly become involved with trams, buses, and trains by not just having to drive them but also building them and creating the area around the tracks where they get to drive. The game is exclusively available to play on the platform of Microsoft Windows.

How to Download LOTUS-Simulator

You can download LOTUS-Simulator and the DLCs LOTUS-Simulator Module: Rails of LOTUS, and München Tram by clicking the Download button at the end of this review.

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The Game Review

The Game Modes

LOTUS-Simulator offers an extensive gameplay experience by offering numerous modes, all related to driving and managing the train trafficking system.

There are three major modes of gameplay available so far namely, the Quickstart, Singleplayer, and multiplayer modes. In the quickstart mode, players have the option to freely drive a train by following any random train path.

This particular mode is sort of like a tutorial based on a relaxed environment. Players are able to explore the main functions that occur within the train and can manipulate controls in order to get used to them.

Moving on to the singleplayer mode, this is where the game begins to get a little more challenging in terms of managing the train and its systems. Players have to maintain their schedules by driving at just the right speed to make it on time.

The singleplayer mode is divided into challenges, with each challenge holding one or more tasks to perform in order to complete it. These tasks tend to become more challenging as the game progresses and require precision to complete on time.

Finally, we have the multiplayer mode which is the most complex out of all the other modes. The best feature about the multiplayer mode is how the game allows each player to be responsible for a certain aspect of the game.

The multiplayer mode is set in a real-time environment which means that players may encounter real-life scenarios such as unpredictable weather, long shifts, and challenges on the road.

The Game World

The game is very realistic with regard to the whole environment it is set up in. The controls are very extensive which means, players have to be aware of their surroundings throughout their journeys. Inside the driver’s room, there are numerous controls and maneuvers and each of them is built there for a specific reason.

LOTUS-Simulator Controls

Each button holds a specific function such as internal and external lights, window vipers, temperature level, and external activities. The acceleration and driving controls are also very sensitive. Players are required to constantly change the acceleration and speeding controls according to the situation on the roads.

LOTUS-Simulator is a tram, bus and train simulation all in one. Download it and enjoy driving different vehicles in a detailed city environment.
7.5 Total Score
LOTUS-Simulator Review Summary

Overall, LOTUS-Simulator is the perfect game for all the train lovers out there regardless of whether they are new or experienced in handling them. For the beginners, the game provides the perfect tutorial and knowledge by making them work in real-life situations. As for the veteran players, the game offers flexibility in the sense that it allows them to build the train of their dreams from scratch as well as the environment in which they are run.

  • Detailed graphics which present trains in an in-depth way.
  • Multiplayer mode available which allows friends to play together.
  • Controls can become too complex for new players.
  • Long hours of gameplay can result in exhaustion or eventual boredom for the players.
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