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virtual reality title from Aurora Games, TOGETHER VR simulates both your life with a young, beautiful Japanese woman named Hoshihara Mei as well as epic space battles fighting side by side. You can think of TOGETHER VR as both a girlfriend simulator and a first-person shooter in many ways. The virtual reality elements help make the game more immersive especially as players interact with the various objects located in your and Mei’s shared space. Built from the ground up using the Unreal 4 Engine, TOGETHER VR features extremely detailed environments that are caught in a permanent haze of soft lighting that gives the game’s presentation an ephemeral or dream-like quality.

How to Download TOGETHER VR

To download the game click on the Download button at the end of the review. Make sure you own one of the supported headsets: HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus Rift. The game is frequently updated so you can expect that new content will be automatically downloaded for free in the future.

The Game Review

Since a lot of game time is spent in the shared apartment you have with Mei, Aurora Games spent a lot of time making sure the details of the fabric, lighting, textures, and how you interact with objects had a realistic if not uncanny-valley-eerie quality to it. In terms of player actions within the environment, players can squat, touch, hold, and even lay down if they have the proper VR equipment.

As for your companion Mei, she is a third-year fashion design student of both Chinese and Japanese heritage. She is also into cosplay and does some modeling. The developers at Aurora Games strove for a type of idealized femininity in Hoshihara Mei’s character that should appeal to a wide range of gamers who enjoy this genre.

In terms of offering a variety of gameplay, there is also the ability to enter into a digital arena with Mei by transforming into space warriors and fighting side by side in a mode that sets this game apart from many others.

As for other things you can do in the game you can play darts and even rock paper scissors, a minigame that is perhaps more engaging than it would seem at first glance.

For many girlfriend simulators, TOGETHER VR is quite chaste, so players should not expect anything that would make this title more mature or adult in nature. Want more daring stuff? Try the uncensored version of Kanojo VR, which is a very similar game in many respects except for the FPS shooting thing.

The focus on TOGETHER VR is on living together with a girl with whom you have some kind of shared past. It simulates an idealized experience from the apartment’s decor down to appearances and fashion choices.

TOGETHER VR requires a hefty investment in equipment to fully explore all the game offers but it should appeal to fans of this genre that enjoy high-production values mixed with a more muted, less overtly sexual theme.

And the digital warrior simulation mode should not be discounted – a lot of players have found enjoyment in that aspect of the game as well, something, again, that is pretty unique for this type of game.

Perhaps another feather in its cap is the potential for TOGETHER VR to be updated and expanded in the future with new game modes and options. As it stands now the experience might seem a little too basic for some but there’s room for growth as the Unreal 4 Engine allows for an almost limitless variety of customization and expansion.

Together VR
TOGETHER VR is a girlfriend dating simulator that required virtual reality headset. You can interact with your Asian girl and play different games. Download the game and enjoy life with your loving partner.
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